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Japan abandoned a ban on students using smartphones to protect them from earthquakes

Now whether or not it is for students to use smartphones is still a question of crazy educators around the world. They all agree that smart phones are things that distract children from learning. But Japan is thinking differently, when they think that these devices themselves may be helpful in preventing human losses when earthquakes happen.

Since 2009, Tokyo's elementary and middle school students have been banned from using mobile devices, and have banned high school students from using their phones in the classroom. According to the Japan Times newspaper, the Japan Education Commission allowed them to bring their phones to school. Earlier, officials in Osaka had a second thought about this, after the earthquake there in June 2018. Japan then studied how smartphones would work positively in times of emergency, when people are increasingly lazy to watch TV and listen to the radio, and spend more time on technology devices.

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A study conducted last year showed that 97% of high school students in Japan have smartphones. In a positive way, unfortunately if earthquakes or natural disasters occur, the vast majority of teenagers can be searched by tracking the location of the device they bring with them. After the decision of Japanese education officials, schools will have their own rules about carrying and using smartphones at schools.


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