James Bond drinks too much, far too many alert doctors
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James Bond drinks too much, far too many alert doctors

There is not a single mission where James Bond aka thebritish spy 007 only takes the time to sip one or more glasses of alcohol. Several scientific studies have already looked at his behavior and the latest, conducted by researchers from the University of Otago (New Zealand) confirm the previous conclusions: the famous character created by the author Ian Fleming would suffer alcohol addiction. For their work published in the Medical Journal of Australia, the researchers analyzed 24 films from the James Bond franchise produced between 1962 and 2015 and discovered that the secret agent had been drinking heavily and steadily for more than six decades.

Despite his preference for a Vesper Martini, James Bond would be ready to drinkall alcoholic beverages available, like champagne and sometimes even beer. Above all, researchers have noticed that the secret agent often gets involved in dangerous activities, even more under the influence of alcohol. “The risks include frequent consumption of alcohol before fights, driving of vehicles in particular during pursuits, gambling, contact with dangerous animals, extreme sports performance and sex, sometimes with guns or knives under the bed, “says lead author Nick Wilson.

James Bond at risk of ethyl coma

Agent 007 is also not afraid of performing complex tasks after a few drinks, like in the movie James Bond 007 vs. Dr No broadcast in 1962 in which he practically destroys a nuclear complex on his own, kills Dr. No, rescues his partner and escapes from the island. The researchers are also wondering about his consumption of alcohol in itself which presents a problematic aspect, because James Bond would be a binge drinking enthusiast, phenomenon from Anglo-Saxon countries which consists in the consumption of a significant amount of alcohol in a limited time in order to achieve drunkenness, at a level that can prove fatal in real life.

Spectators could see it once consume no less than six Vesper Martini or 24 units of alcohol, the equivalent of a peak blood alcohol level of 3.6 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, a dose that can drive to an ethyl coma. But that’s nothing compared to its consumption in one of Ian Fleming’s books: 50 units of alcohol in a day, “a level of consumption that would kill almost everyone,” note the researchers. This addiction has already been mentioned since in one of the films a medical analysis indicates that his liver “is not in very good condition” while in another a report by his employer, MI6, mentions a ” alcohol addiction and psychoactive substances ”.

What is excessive consumption?

Although ideally, the undercover agent should seek professional help for consider withdrawal, the authors suggest not without humor some strategies likely to minimize its short-term risks. So they recommend him toavoid drinking at work, especially when dealing with complex tasks such as aerial combat or deactivation of nuclear weapons and refusing worldly drinks with sexual partners who might want to capture or kill him, 9 out of 60 women in this day. They also advise him to cultivate interests other than alcohol, such as lepidopterology (the study of butterflies), revealed in a film.

If the latter were only interested in his consumption of alcohol, they conclude that James Bond has also been the subject of extensive research with regard to his smoking and his violent behavior. Note that on this specific addiction, the Alcool Info Services site specifies that “there is no risk-free alcohol consumption, but low-risk, medium-risk or high-risk consumption. Knowledge of these different levels of risk allows everyone to make their decision. However, an expert opinion from Public Health France published in 2017 suggests a unique benchmark for both sexes: 10 standard drinks per week and no more than 2 standard drinks per day.

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