Jaguar Land Rover introduces "variable" seat technology that will prevent people from "shrinking"

Jaguar Land Rover introduces “variable” seat technology that will prevent people from “shrinking”

Driving is an enjoyable activity, but driving for long or continuous periods can hurt the body of the driver. Weak muscles in the legs, hips and buttocks increase the likelihood of back pain or spinal injuries, and if you have a combination of desk work and driving every day too long, this situation becomes almost unavoidable.

That’s why Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is developing a method to keep the body working during long car rides, with seats designed to vibrate, helping to move the pelvis from the side. side to side.

Video introduces Jaguar Land Rover’s new seat technology

A test seat under development at JLR uses a set of actuators embedded in the foam sole to change the angle of the seat on a regular basis. The British luxury car brand says that this constant pelvic oscillation can trick the brain into thinking that the human body is walking, and stimulating muscles to prevent them from shrinking from being used.

The health of our customers and employees is central to all our technology research projects,JLR’s CMO, says Dr. Steve Iley. “We are using our technical expertise to develop the future chair using advanced technologies never before seen in the automotive industry to help solve a problem that affects people all over the world. bridge.

At the moment, JLR has not announced plans to deploy this seat technology in any current or future models, because they are probably being verified that it can really help maintain the fitness of the seat. Anyway, this is a good idea and helps people live healthier.

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