Jackson Hewitt Online Review

Jackson Hewitt Online Review

Jackson Hewitt Online is another Internet income tax solution that comes from over 6000 real offices where the company delivers the same thing, only with the benefit of real people who assist you every step of the way. As the name suggests Jackson Hewitt Online, they took the best bits of this service and applied it to this online tax preparation software.

And, as you would expect from a company with so many branches and a competent history, they believe that Jackson Hewitt Online can complete and file your tax affairs accurately and on time.

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Jackson Hewitt Online comes with a large selection of online tools (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)


Jackson Hewitt Online has a range of products to choose from, all of which obviously depend on the complexity of your tax return business. There is a free base level option for simple returns. This means that it could work for those who are single or who are married and who are filing jointly.

It allows up to $ 100,000 of taxable income, taking the standard deduction and covers W-2 wages and / or unemployment. It also covers the tax credit on earned income (no children).

Meanwhile, the luxury package of $ 29.99 (+ $ 36.99 per state filed) covers those with children and other dependents, the EITC schedule and tax credit business for children, dependent care expenses or those with student loans, educator fees or retirement income.

The top of the tree is the Premier Edition which, for $ 49.99 (+ $ 36.99 per filing), is perfectly suited to complex tax returns. It is designed to target those with income over $ 100,000, the self-employed, those who have rental property and who cover itemized deductions as well as other income, credits or deductions.

You’ll find a series of crucial tax forms inside the Jackson Hewitt Online workspace (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)


Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of Jackson Hewitt Online is how they promise to guarantee you a maximum money back guarantee and, they say, if you can do better elsewhere, they will make up the difference.

This is certainly a good starting point, but Jackson Hewitt Online is also very important to their accuracy and the level of support they will provide during your filing tasks.

Once you are inside the simple tax return workspace, you will find that there is nothing too intimidating, while the useful calculators allow you to identify the likes of the fees. amortization without much hassle or hassle.

Jackson Hewitt Online has the advantage of offering physical branches that you can visit (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)


With Jackson Hewitt Online’s promise to save you money, you’ll find that this internet-based income tax solution is booming once you’re set up with an account.

The service also offers secure storage and access to your tax returns as you need and up to six years at no additional cost is helpful, especially if you find yourself in time to check the numbers for years preceding.

Overall, Jackson Hewitt Online therefore ticks all the right boxes regarding the performance part of the equation.

Having tax professionals on hand when filing can be a real bonus (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)

Ease of use

Jackson Hewitt Online has been beautifully modified and refined over the years and, more recently, it seems to be working better than ever.

The company has incorporated some very cool tools that make your filing mission easier, with something like the W-2 locator tool which turns out to be an essential addition that allows you to get your hands on this valuable documentation while it is not immediately obvious where it occurs. to be.

The same can be said for their library of other crucial IRS forms, all of which can be found via the Jackson Hewitt Online site.

There is a package to meet a wide variety of needs within the Jackson Hewitt Online service (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)


If you go it alone and prefer to stick to the all-internet edition of Jackson Hewitt Online, you will find that there is always help at hand via unlimited online support and live chat features. .

However, with Internet options, the other big advantage of using Jackson Hewitt Online is the way the service can be used in tandem with their physical branches across the United States.

Since some tax reporting issues can be complex to explain, being able to speak things in a real environment makes this aspect of the Jackson Hewitt Online experience particularly convenient.

Final verdict

Jackson Hewitt Online is a kind of double agreement when you plan to file your taxes. While everything can be done online, and many people will be happy with that, there is also the benefit of being able to work hand in hand with one of the 6000 physical branches in the United States.

Jackson Hewitt Online is also fairly straightforward, with a three-step process that involves registering and creating an account. From there, you choose the guided steps, establishing your maximum reimbursement along the way, before completing the electronic filing at the end.

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