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Jackie Chan scored a ghost goal in the Brazilian tournament

A completely ridiculous goal has just been recognized in the Brazilian Cup tournament with the name of the target also caused many misunderstandings.

VIDEO: Jackie Chan’s ghost goal

The quarter-final match of the Copa Verde Cup between the two teams Paysandu and Manaus took place in Brazil on February 4. This match saw a very confusing ghost goal and attracted the attention of football fans around the world.

Specifically, the situation happened in the 71st minute when the visitors were 1-0 ahead. Jackie Chan player on the home team made a good shot from outside the box, but the ball hit the Paysandu crossbar and hit the ground before going out.

Jackie Chan scored a ghost goal. Screenshots

When the players of both teams continue to play, the referee signals to stop the game and indicate a goal has been scored. The referee quickly recognized the goal, even though the cameras clearly showed the ball never reached the line. The Paysandu players expressed dissatisfaction with the referee, but their decision was not changed.

Jackie Chan’s ghost goal was also the final goal of the match, making the score 1-1. Another interesting thing about this goal lies in the name of the striker, Jackie Chan is also the English name of Chinese martial arts star Jackie Chan.

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