Jabra Elite 65t wireless headphones with true wireless headset: sporty ears fit very well, balanced sound quality - VnReview

Jabra Elite 65t wireless headphones with true wireless headset: sporty ears fit very well, balanced sound quality – VnReview

With the emergence of Apple Airpods, the market for wireless headphones (true wireless) becomes even more exciting when major audio companies unveiled a series of true wireless headsets with variety of types and models. code.

Jabra Elite 65t is the latest true wireless wireless headset that has just launched the Vietnamese market of Jabra – Danish audio company famous for its line of headphones for work and sports. This is the third completely wireless headset of this company, launched for the first time at CES 2018 and is rated by many prestigious technology sites in the world with better quality than Apple Airpods.

Elite 65t – Jabra's latest true wireless wireless headset model

Jabra Elite 65t headset currently has a listed price of VND 4.39 million. The product in the article is provided by SYN Style Distribution Co., Ltd, the exclusive distributor of consumer products of Jabra brand in Vietnam.

Video review Jabra Elite 65t

Masculine and sport design

True to the tradition of manufacturing Jabra, Elite 65t with headphones for sports, gym, gymnastics 65t with a masculine design, strong with smooth smooth skin, black and silver gray tone.

Elite 65t retains a strong sports design style on the Jabra headphones

Although the case is made of plastic, the Elite 65t in the hand is still solid, sturdy due to good machining, the seams are tight and seamless. The headset also meets IP55 water and dust protection standards, so it can be used in a light rain, preventing dirt from sticking to the rim like Apple headphones. Jabra himself is also very confident to provide users with 2 years warranty even when water is dropped (need to register for warranty via the app if not only 1 year).

This headset is IP55 waterproof, dustproof, can withstand rain water, mild pressure

Elite 65t's inner surface is rounded in the shape of the ear canal so that when it is more closely attached as well as helps to be appropriately distributed weight. On the ear there are 2 small yellow dots to connect to the charger.

The Elite 65t accessory comes at a base level with a hard-case carrying case, 2 sets of earplugs, microUSB cables. The box is compact but slightly difficult to open with one hand. When taking or taking headphones, it is easy to fall because of shallow holes, no magnets attract again. The use of microUSB connection instead of the new USB Type C standard also reduces the modernity of the product.

The Elite's accessories are 65t at a basic level with a charger cord, 2 sets of earplugs, a battery charger box

The case is compact, easy to carry

The charger still uses the old-style microUSB port rather than the more convenient USB Type C, which has a color-based indicator light for users to know about the battery status.

Shallow box, no magnet to pull back ears

When removing the ear to the box you should be careful because it is easy to fall

The feeling of wearing comfortable, firm, but slightly tense with small ears

Elite 65t's design is much more compact in-ear headphones and earbuds than Airpods because there is no "tail" part to the outside like Apple headphones. In exchange, Elite 65t's ear tuber is quite large because it must contain all components as well as the internal battery. Therefore, for people with small ear canal, it is possible to see sting, entanglement and heat when worn for a long time.

When looking at the front, Elite 65t almost does not appear because of its neat and concealed design

The large ear tuber size plus the in-ear design can cause problems, problems and heat when worn with a small ear ring.

The biggest concern of users when using wireless headsets is whether the headset is prone to fall when moving, moving strongly or not. With Elite 65t, the writer tried running, jumping with high intensity, riding a motorbike with a speed of 40-50km / h and even shaking his head very hard but the headset was still perfectly in his ear. Users can be assured of using Elite 65t in fitness and sports activities without worry.

Controlling the headset will be via physical keys that are directly integrated on the outside. On the left ear is a two-way button, which can be used to increase / decrease the volume or to transfer music (press and hold). Right ear is a button that integrates many features such as pause and play music, receive or reject calls. This key can also be used to activate virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant … Notably, Elite 65t supports both Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, allowing orders right on the headset to see the weather forecast. , look up information or schedule …

The way the physical joystick is directly integrated onto the outside of the headset

The volume up and down keys are shallow and difficult to manipulate

The right ear button has good bouncing, easy to manipulate, but the volume up and down keys on the left ear are slightly shallow, when pressing will need to emphasize more, making the ear uncomfortable during use. If the Jabra uses touch keys, the Elite 65t control will be quick and easy.

In-ear design helps headphones with good noise, blocking about 80-90% of the sound from the environment, useful when traveling by car, plane. When you need to hear the sound from the environment or everyone around you, you can press twice on the right button to activate the Hear Through feature. At this time, Elite 65t will use 4 built-in mics to record sound from the environment, transmitting in the ear to help you hear better without removing the headphones.

Having up to 4 mic also helps to bring very good voice quality, air filter, noise filter effectively, clear and clear sound. However, when used on the street or on a motorbike, Elite 65t's 4 mics are easy to pick up noise such as car horns or vehicles around, making the voice overwhelmed.

Neutral sound, good spelling, app comes with many useful features

For music listening, Jabra Elite 65t has a balanced sound quality. The sound does not press too hard on a strip. Moderate bass, still able to listen to EDM, Hip Hop or R&B, Hip hop music. But this headset is not for bass head, you will not have the buzzing bass, otherwise the bass is just enough.

Mid range and treble separate, not sticking together. The sound of the singer is sweet, clear, easy listening instruments. Overall, the Elite 65t is better suited for light music, lyrical music, bolero, emphasizing the vocalist.

Jabra Elite 65t has balanced sound quality, suitable for many popular music genres

When listening to music, watching videos and removing any one of the ears, Elite 65t will pause and resume playback when worn. This feature is similar to Airpods and works stably, helping you not miss the movie, the song you like.

Jabra Elite 65t uses Bluetooth 5.0 connection, newer than most current wireless headphones, so it has good connectivity and rare disconnection of one ear when listening continuously. Watching movies, listening to music or playing games is absolutely smooth, without delay, delay. The maximum connection distance can be up to 20 meters when there are no obstacles.

Bluetooth 5.0 also allows Elite 65t to connect at the same time with 2 devices. You can just connect to your phone and laptop. While listening to music from the phone, if there is a notification on the laptop, the music will automatically be reduced to make the notification sound more prominent.

Jabra offers a separate application on iOS and Android called Jabra Sound + to manage Elite 65t and offers some additional features such as adjusting sound effects through Equalizer, Amazon Alexa or Siri or Google virtual assistant options Assistant.

Jabra Sound + application is compatible with both Android and iOS

Elite 65t supports both the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant to look up information, view weather forecasts, set schedules, order naturally …

You can adjust the sound effect via Equalizer or preset settings

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, when registering on the app, users also get an additional 1 year of warranty including getting dust or water. Some other useful features on the app are also available, such as detailed user manuals for buttons. Create background noise like rain, ocean waves to help focus more when working, studying or even needing to relax and rest. You can also tweak the Hear Through feature, or turn off the automatic stop of music when removing headphones.

Signing up via the Jabra Sound + app and users will have an additional 1 year warranty including dust ingress, water entry

Features create background noise sound to help focus when working, studying, quite useful

The intuitive user guide is integrated in the app

The continuous usage time of Jabra Elite music player is 65t is about 5 hours with Galaxy Note 9 at about 60% volume. Overall usage time if charging is included is about 15 hours, comfortable enough and rarely runs out of battery in the middle. The charger also supports fast charging for 15 minutes to listen for an extra 1.5 hours so I don't have to pay much attention to Elite batteries 65t.


With what it shows, Jabra Elite 65t is a notable wireless wireless headset with a price range of VND 4-5 million. The product converges many advantages such as healthy sports design, waterproof dustproof, high finish and stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Balance sound, many useful extra features like Hear Through, Amazon Alexa and good battery life. The Elite 65t's disadvantage is that the design case is not optimal, easy to drop the headset when disassembling. Headphones are large in size so they may not be suitable for users with small ears.

Video review Jabra Elite 65t


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