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“Izawa Reincarnation” opens endless mode! Let your holiday no longer be boring!

Recently, in order to thank the majority of players for their support, the Roguelike pixel game “Iza Reincarnation”, which has just been released for a week, has added a brand new gameplay-endless reincarnation mode.

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This kind of gameplay is very common in other types of games. If you do n’t find it fun after the player passes the level, you can join the endless mode for more advanced challenges and experience the thrill of brushing until the character dies!

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The reincarnation of Izawa is even more integrated with Roguelike features. You can only open the endless mode after you clear the normal mode, and you can only inherit the weapons and props you carried in the last adventure! In other words, if you just pass the level by chance, then you are likely to reach a higher number of levels in the endless mode. Zh

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