The ETC expressway electronic toll collection launched in 2006 is a BOT case entrusted by the Ministry of Transportation to Far East Group’s Far East Group’s Far East Group. It will also be returned to the country’s transportation construction in 2024. Although the installation penetration rate has exceeded 94%, if it is similar to neighboring Japan In comparison, functionality and convenience are much less. At the same time, ETC is most controversial, “Why can the people’s right to use the expressway be sold to a consortium?”

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original:[Market Commentary]It’s time to return it to the country!Don’t let the consortium monopolize the ETC business
Written by: Cai Zhijian Chien

Actually, I don’t have much opinion on ETC’s fees. It was originally based on the principle of “user pays”, and each fee paid by Yuantong Telecom is 3.4 yuan, and the fee is 5 yuan when paying at the supermarket. , I can’t agree with this point. You said that Yuantong Electric Collection is responsible for maintaining the ETC equipment to charge fees, um…there is excuse in the business, but since the government has entrusted Yuantong Electric Collection to be responsible for the end, it should have already negotiated the relevant conditions. Good, and equipment maintenance is supposed to be the responsibility of the manufacturer, how can the relevant fees be collected from the users, and it is as high as billions of dollars every year? Furthermore, in the era of OBU set-top boxes, I once asked whether Yuantong Electric Receiver can be used for parking in urban areas like Japan, and even has the function of leisure card? At that time, Yuantong Teleshou revealed that it had such a plan. As a result, it took more than ten years to launch “uTagGO” in 2019, which combined the parking fee mechanism; however, it was tied to Far East Group’s “Happy Go” to exchange stored value. It seems that it is very much more than that, which means that it is to use the resources of the country to make money!

Take a look at neighboring Japan. Since the introduction of the ETC system in March 2001, the use of ETC cards not only provides discounts on tolls, but also includes the cancellation of the annual fee of the ETC card and discounts and discounts for subscribers’ ETC machines, or time of use. Concessions can even be used as supporting measures such as deductions at specific parking lots like an easy card. With the advancement of science and technology, receivers are getting smaller and smaller and more powerful. They can even be integrated with new cars from car manufacturers. In addition to providing premium services at rest stops, they can also be carried out in convenience stores and metropolitan areas, and even Combined with the parking lot, the convenience of one card for multiple uses is quite high. However, Taiwan’s ETC is better than the Japanese system. It does not use fences and has a higher passing speed. Japan’s 20km/h and Taiwan’s hundreds of kilometers per hour are no problem.

As for what is meant by BOT (Build Operate Transfer), I believe many people still don’t understand. In fact, many countries around the world adopt the BOT method to build public constructions. This means that the government grants the concession of a public construction to the contractor, and the contractor During the concession period, the merchant is responsible for design, financing, construction, operation, etc. After the project is completed, it can operate to recover costs, repay debts, and make profits, and transfer ownership to the government after the concession period ends. It looks like a sole proprietorship by a corporate consortium, but in fact the government has to pay for it. Of course, where this funding comes from, the whole people pay for it!

In fact, there are quite a lot of BOT cases in Taiwan. The Taipei Arena, ETC, Sanchuang Life Digital Park, Haisheng Pavilion, Songshan Nangang Station Building, Taichung Showtime Plaza, Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail, etc. are all cases of private participation in public construction, and almost all of them It is the responsibility of a large consortium that has earned a reputation. The license period is the most common in 50 years and the longest in 70 years. Although it has made a lot of contributions to people’s livelihood, transportation and entertainment, it has also caused a lot of controversy (the most obvious is the large Dome), and all the money spent is the hard-earned and hard-earned people of the people. As long as the consortium puts on an expression of “unhappy”, the government can’t do anything about it. ‘Since ETC will be nationalized in four years’ time, I hope that Gao Gongju can manage it well, and strongly require Yuantong Power Collection to maintain its equipment. If the “licensed period” is extended by then, don’t blame the people for putting you on it. The words “collusion between officials and businessmen” and “profit-making manufacturers”!