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It’s easy to buy a game and it’s hard to change a computer!

  Most of the games are now priced at only a few packs of cigarettes or a few cups of milk tea money, but it will be uncomfortable if the computer configuration cannot keep up! Some large-scale games have generally higher requirements for computer hardware, which makes some low-profile players suffering. Fortunately, manufacturers also know that they can’t blindly meet the needs of high-configuration players, and it is also very important to optimize the hardware of the past configuration! At the same time, players can also choose some old classics to get a high-quality gaming experience. Today, I will continue to bring you great masterpieces of optimization in recent years. Even if you do not update the computer configuration in time, you can play freely.

Friendship link: Buying games is easy to change the computer is difficult! Inventory optimization and strong PC stand-alone games (on)

Friendship link: It is easy to buy a game and it is difficult to change a computer! Inventory optimization and strong PC stand-alone games (middle)

25. “Mass Effect 3 (Mass Effect 3)”


  EA has recently reached a cooperative relationship with V agency again. Many of its famous masterpieces have been listed on the Steam platform. This is also a good opportunity for everyone to relive or enter the EA works. “Mass Effect 3”, as the third part of the quality trilogy, will have more difficult challenges. The opposition of Phantom Man and the confrontation with Reapers will also have the important task of saving the earth. The game will let you fall into the opening scene Desperate. In terms of game system and plot task design, “Mass Effect 3” will usher in unprecedented changes.


The background of this game is set in distant outer space, and the picture quality of the game is very beautiful. As a work launched in 2012, the required configuration is indeed very low. As long as your computer is not as old as it, it can run smoothly. Masterpiece, if you think your computer configuration is not too low, be sure to enable high-quality operation!



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