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It’s been a long time since Samsung made such an amazing smartphone!

Samsung does not follow the trend of edge-to-edge screen with pop-up camera characterized by Infinity – Display technology, bringing great value and difference for users. However, the Galaxy A series has always been tested by Samsung for new technologies and after succeeding with the Infinity-U screen, it has launched a unique product with a complete user experience, which is the Galaxy A80. .

With a large screen size, full border, camera with a unique sliding mechanism, harnessing the full power of the rear camera for selfie, stable performance for gaming and a luxurious design, Galaxy A80 is a The product is well worth the user choice in the high-end segment.


The Galaxy A80 is the most unique device to date of 2019. Samsung-made smartphones are outside of the solution to bring out the selfie camera like Chinese smartphone brands. Instead, the camera cluster with a special rotating mechanism has helped Samsung create a big buzz.

The Galaxy A80 is the first Samsung phone to not use a screen missing similar to the infamous Infinity-U technology. Instead, it offers a rotating mechanism that helps users experience the full power of the rear camera for selfies. This makes the Galaxy A80 a smartphone with 3 front cameras, full of features, providing every angle from removing fonts to wide angle for selfie. In fact, this approach is not new, but marked a positive change in the era of full screen smartphone really.

This camera makes the machine thicker, heavier and comes with the limitations of the physical mechanism when the rotation cycle will be affected after a long time of use. Samsung has used mechanical details to ensure the durability of the camera. Overall, Samsung designed the product, you will be completely assured of the durability of the device, no matter how unique or special.

At first glance, users will be impressed by the screen completely occupying the front area, without an extra space except for the chin due to the limitation of the connection port. The front screen ratio is also 20: 9, size 6.7 inches. Although the screen is optimized, the size of the device is still oversized compared to the hands of girls. Besides, the screen only has 2.5D curved angles, not overflowing like the Galaxy S series, so the feeling of swiping and touching will be better, without touching the wrong palm. Therefore, playing games on the Galaxy A80 is completely comfortable.

To optimize the design, Samsung also equipped with an optical fingerprint sensor below the screen for the Galaxy A80, similar to other Galaxy A phones such as the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A50. This fingerprint is very sensitive and suitable for high-end products like the Galaxy A80.

Overall, the Galaxy A80 is really glossy, luxurious thanks to two glass sides and a glossy paint on the metal frame. It’s hard to find a product that’s beautiful, unique and luxurious like the Galaxy A80. In addition, Samsung also ensures durability for the product thanks to two glass surfaces manufactured by Corning including Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and Gorilla Glass 3 on the back. The two real glass sides also contribute to the machine heavier than the middle ground of the market. One point to note is that the Galaxy A80 will not have a speaker strip at the top, in exchange for a vibration feedback mechanism with very good sound quality and the sensors hidden under the screen.

Readers can refer to more details about the device of the Galaxy A80 in the following article:

On hand Galaxy A80: the most beautiful and unique Galaxy A of Samsung

( If you have to answer the question of the best smartphone full screen right now, then the Galaxy A80 will be the name mentioned.

Screen and sound

Having the same screen size of 6.7 inches but the difference of Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A70 lies in the entire experience when there are no shortcomings, the equivalent resolution is Full HD +, the ratio of 20: 9 with density pixels 393ppi. Maximum brightness reaches 405nits with manual and automatic modes up to 607 nits when lighting conditions are strong. The indicators are almost similar to the Galaxy A70, so it is understandable, Galaxy A80 is a refresh of Galaxy A70 in terms of design and screen. Samsung also offers two available options, vivid and natural, and allows manual adjustment of color bands to suit each user’s eye.

According to many technology experts, the lack of a notch makes the Galaxy A80 the best screen smartphone of the Galaxy A80 to date. The only obstacle that makes the Galaxy A80 difficult to access is the size, 6.7 inches is not suitable for people with small hands even though Samsung has integrated one-handed mode.

Overall, the gaming, entertainment with titles or common tasks on the Galaxy A80 is excellent with high contrast, very deep black. However, many people believe that the ability to display black is not good because the highlights are quite annoying, but because of the quality of the source, the video files have been compressed so it is not shown correctly. Best. A highlight

Because the screen is completely overflow, the Galaxy A80 only has a single speaker on the bottom and is the first time Samsung removed the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. In return, the sound quality from the single speaker is very good, loud volume, not shy, clear and clear, and Samsung also sells with a Type-C connection headset for users.

Performance and battery life

The Samsung Galaxy A80 uses the Snapdragon 730 processor – Qualcomm’s latest and most powerful mid-range processor, right behind the top-of-the-range Snapdragon 800 series. The processor is manufactured using 8nm process, 8 cores with 2 Kryo 470 Gold cores and 6 cores 1.8Ghz Kryo 470 Silver with Adreno 618 GPU. The internal memory of the machine is 7GB RAM and 128GB of internal memory. Of course, if compared to the configuration price of the Galaxy A80 at the present time, perhaps many people think it is too high, but this is a unique product in terms of experience.

Galaxy A80 shows a respectable CPU performance compared to popular mid-range chips such as Snapdragon 675 or Snapdragon 710. If you want the Snapdragon 730 to approach the Snapdragon 855 or Kirin 980, this is not possible. In terms of graphics, the Galaxy A80 is the mid-range device with the most powerful configuration with Antutu measurement scores for 3D processing alone of 63,000 points. This figure is enough to be able to play popular games at Full HD + resolution, which is theoretically. In fact, it seems that the game is not optimal with the new processor. Therefore, when measuring the frame rate on the Galaxy A80 through GameBench Pro, the number is not really good.

Specifically, when playing the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the machine gives a frame rate of 30fps at the highest setting, stable, no dropout. Asphalt 9 reaches the frame rate up to 38fps, a good number. With PUBG Mobile VNG – a game that many people play at the moment, the machine’s fps reaches 40. In general, Galaxy A80 is not a smartphone that offers good gaming capabilities because it has not been optimized, in time. In the coming time, game publishers will release patches to return Snapdragon 730 to their place and enhance the user experience.

Galaxy A80 is equipped with 3700mAh battery, not small compared to the market but a bit small compared to the overall size of the machine, even, much less than the Galaxy A70 with 4500mAh. This is understandable when the mechanism of camera pushes up and down to take up quite a lot of area inside the device, making the battery shrink. The small battery comes with a large screen, although the ability to save power of the Super AMOLED screen is very good, Galaxy A80 also does not make many people happy.

Experiment with watching Youtube continuously via WiFi at 70% brightness for results reaching 9:41 minutes, playing PUBG Mobile continuously achieved 4 hours 38 minutes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is more than 6 hours. These numbers are not impressive if placed on the scale with the Galaxy A70 but are easily accepted with unique products such as the Galaxy A80.With normal demand, Galaxy A80 is enough for a long day.

Camera “before and after as one”

Samsung wanted to create a smartphone with a special camera mechanism, not using a separate module for the front camera, but seeking to use the power from the rear camera cluster. Samsung’s success is the Galaxy A80. Galaxy A80 uses 3 cameras including 48MP main sensor, f / 2.0 aperture with 1/2 ”sensor size without OIS, 8MP wide-angle sensor, f / 2.2 aperture and TOF 3D sensor, aperture f / 1.2 degree, 30mm focal length. Besides is the support of laser sensors for measuring the depth of the object. This gives the Galaxy A80 the same processing power as the Galaxy S10 5G when shooting Live Focus videos. Another difference of the Galaxy A80 with other Galaxy A series smartphones this year is the ability to capture nights, a feature that has just been updated on Samsung’s high-end phones.

In addition, Professional mode is also simple when choosing ISO in the range of 100-800, eV exposure compensation in the value from -2 to +2, select white balance, lack of shutter speed and manual focus .

During the day, the Galaxy A80 produces excellent photos, good contrast and vibrant colors. Samsung integrates AI with a contextual identifier, which is noteworthy when AI only slightly pushes the colors of the photos to harmonize instead of brilliant as most smartphones today. This shows confidence for the quality of the sensor on the Galaxy A80. The 48MP resolution is good for detailed photos but sometimes it is not necessary, because the machine’s processing power is relatively slow and the image size will become larger.

The ultra-wide camera will essentially bring out beautiful effect photos, capture more subjects, but the 8MP level is not enough for a detailed picture. However, wide-angle camera is also an advantage and is almost essential equipment for the phone. Extend your photography limit and give your eye a curvy effect. A little regret when there is no telephoto sensor to make Galaxy A80 more perfect.

In low-light conditions, the Galaxy A80 takes good photos, colors are accurately reproduced but lose detail and appear grainy. In this situation, the night mode helps the device produce images that are easier on the eyes and brighter. As for the wide-angle camera, there is nothing too special to say in low light, the quality of the photos is not good, lots of noise and heavy detail loss.

For portrait photography, the use of a TOF sensor with a large aperture helps perfectly separate the subject. Besides, this TOF camera does not distinguish the subject as a person or object, so in any situation, want to have an attractive image delete background just select Live Focus and select the appropriate frame.

The use of the main camera for the selfie gives users more quality options. On the market today, very few products have the ability to take selfie as well and diverse as the Galaxy A80.

Instead of the conclusion

Samsung Galaxy A80 is a rare smartphone in the high-end segment in 2019 because the boundary between high-end and high-end is now almost unclear. At the price of the Galaxy A80, Samsung also has a very good product is the Galaxy S10e with the strongest configuration but not so that this product has no place. Galaxy A80 really unique in exploiting the rear camera clusters for selfie thanks to special rotating mechanism, full screen full border and enough performance to experience accompanied by a beautiful design.

On hand Galaxy A80: the most beautiful and unique Galaxy A of Samsung

( If you have to answer the question of the best smartphone full screen right now, then the Galaxy A80 will be the name mentioned.


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