It's another tragic and bad film, only 1.4 million at the box office after 10 days of release!

It’s another tragic and bad film, only 1.4 million at the box office after 10 days of release!

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Not long ago, “Return of Armour”, which assembled three well-known Hong Kong stars, Lu Liangwei, Yuen Biao and Zhou Haimei, had a dismal box office as soon as it was released, with a cumulative box office of only 195,000 yuan, making it the worst movie in January.

In the same period, another tragic and bad film was released, this one is “The Empathy Master”. Like “Return of Armour Removal”, this new film was released at the box office and word of mouth.

“The Empathy Master” is a comedy movie that brings together actors and actresses such as Wang Zhi, Gao Xiaopan, Yu Shasha, Huang Yi, Lu Songxian, Clara, etc. The beauties are like clouds, and the lineup is quite strong.

However, the box office hit the street as soon as it was released. The box office income of 630,000 yuan on the first day, the box office plummeted the next day, to only 220,000 yuan, and the cumulative box office was 1.4 million yuan after 10 days of release.

He became famous for appearing in cross talk, and Gao Xiaopan moved to the film industry. In 2017, he also presented his first self-directed and self-acted movie “Brother, Stop Trouble!” “, the box office is not bad, the income is 12 million yuan, but the reputation is bad, and Douban only got 3.3 points.

In the new work “Master of Empathy”, Gao Xiaopan no longer serves as the director, but starred in the male lead Chen Junfei, and Zheng Laizhi is the director.

Zheng Laizhi is an unknown director. After checking the information, he was shocked. It was really terrifying. His representative works: “Horror Hotel” Douban scored 2.8, “Pillow Shadow” Douban scored 2.8, “Stud Life” Douban 4.0 Points, “To Our Coming Love” Douban 3.6 points.

The new work “The Empathy Master” was also filmed quite terrifying, the most terrifying thing is the boring storyline. Chen Junfei is an emotional dismissal teacher who specializes in taking care of the families of emotional victims. Chen Junfei also opened a studio called “The Empathy Master”.

One day, the woman Chen Junfei had a crush on, Naixin, married his classmate. Naixin asked him to be the best man and gave him a task. She said that her cousin Shan Zhuo went to Korea to develop and said that she would marry a plastic surgeon. Preparing to get married, Naixin asked him to help prevent this marriage, and if he succeeded, he would give him 200,000. As for what was wrong with this marriage, Naixin couldn’t tell. Anyway, it was let Chen Junfei destroy it.

In order to pay off the debt, Chen Junfei took the job, and then he implemented an emotional dismissal plan within 10 days. The whole process was stupid enough to fly, and it was full of boring plots and embarrassing scenes, not to mention emotional dismissal. The technical content of the teacher.

The form of comedy expression is also too exaggerated, to the point that Chen Junfei even used a belt to hang on the Chongqing cableway to chase Shan Zhuo. He was simply seeking a dead end, and the whole movie was too obvious.

The only highlight of the movie “The Empathy Master” is the reversal at the end, which makes many unreasonable plots reasonable before. It turns out that Shan Zhuo is also an empathy master. She was sent by Nai Xin to persuade Chen Junfei. emotion. However, it is a pity that the flaws set in the story cannot be saved at all.

The whole story is probably like this. Naixin knows that Chen Junfei has always been in love with her and is about to get married, so she invited a woman to act as Shan Zhuo to persuade Comrade Chen Junfei to emotionally retreat, and she paid a lot of money.

After spending another two hundred thousand, Chen Junfei asked Chen Junfei to persuade his cousin’s emotions. As a result, both “Shan Zhuo” and Chen Junfei fell in love with each other. “Shan Zhuo” felt that this was unprofessional, so he left a letter and left. Chen Junfei was cured, no longer love but heart, fell in love with “Shan Zhuo”. This woman named Naixin is also Tai Chi, and spent money to invite two people from the emotional team to fall in love.

It doesn’t matter if it’s bad, but it’s still a box office, which is miserable. After 10 days of release, the box office was only 1.4 million, and “The Empathy Master” eventually became a bad film that failed.


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