It’s all 2020. Why do we need to look at game ratings?

This year, or for a period of time in the future, we will definitely get many new games and new hosts. With the convenience of game media, self-media UP and the Internet, and even the improvement of everyone’s foreign language level, our Getting faster and faster. As you play more and more games, you should buy a game, and you must be more and more confident, so do we still need to look at game reviews and media scores? Editors overwhelming sales, how much weight do they weigh in your heart?

This article can be used as a review of last year’s game, as well as my past year’s experience and experience as a game editor. Quandang took it out and discussed it with everyone.

Why do game media have to “score games”?

In terms of existence, scoring the game, saying it a bit broader, and evaluating the game, was originally one of the most basic functions of the game media, and it was also just what the players needed. Faced with a huge game library and sale list, playing genuine copies has limited money; playing pirated copies has limited time and energy. Someone needs to be your staff officer in a short time to help you make a decision. Telling others where the game is fun and how to play it more fun should be the basic skill of every editor. Of course, the editing ability may be high or low, and the corresponding group needs are different, but this does not affect his judgment.

However, less and less media will make great efforts in the evaluation, and everyone does not want to stick to the very traditional scoring form, how many points are on the screen, how many points are gameplay … One is too many years, and the editor itself is tired; It is possible that the evaluation is too subjective and controversial, which everyone is trying to avoid.

If you think that domestic game media are not professional enough, Polygon has decided last year that it will no longer score games, and instead recommend it. IGN also stated at the end of the year that they would switch to the whole point system. Although the change was not so thorough, it can be seen that they are also trying to improve their evaluation system.

Aside from appearances, in addition to being prone to controversy, a bigger problem is that game reviews, or articles that rate games, are really difficult to write.

Looking at the examples around us, domestic game media peers are increasingly pursuing a better look, and seem to be higher than their foreign counterparts. If you often go through the daily articles of several well-known foreign media, you can easily find that their language literacy is really not high. In addition to getting more first-hand news, most articles, even if they are stories And the reports of hot events are quite rude, compared with domestic counterparts who have translated and refined things, the level is clear at a glance.

Of course, this is not to show how good we are, but to explain that the competition between domestic game media is really fierce. Everyone is working hard to improve their text literacy, and pursue more attractive, easier to read, and more Stylized article. The most basic and difficult type of evaluation is often the victim.

To write a good review, editors need to spend a lot of time and energy, at least you get the game in advance than most players, right? Even if you do n’t have time to clear the level, you still have to play the game system for seven or seven. Not to mention you have to be good at summarizing, summing up, trying to figure out the real intentions behind the gameplay, and have a lot of accumulation. You will do horizontal comparisons. To be honest, write a review, give a score you think, and be justified. It really takes a lot of work. Not to mention, you have to write smooth sentences, shake your cleverness from time to time, use a stick or something.

In 2019, the video game bus produced a total of more than 120 reviews, and several leading editors were able to get through more than ten games “in the name of the job”. But the truth is that many of these games are not the editors ’favorite. The more they like the game, the more they are unwilling to start, and the reasons are strange.

More importantly, in the media circle where traffic and readings determine the outcome, the value of evaluation is often determined by the game. This game is hot, and naturally there are more people watching it; the game pays less attention to people, and it is difficult for you to write flowers to spread much value. Therefore, in this very entangled situation, evaluation or scoring is often given to the ordinary editors who have the most practical and efficient work in the editorial department. The really best writers may not put much effort here ( Unless it is a personal hobby). Don’t be sad, this is a choice of the same nature as the input-output ratio of other industries. The fact is that evaluation will not be the best text or work of a certain media.

Some people may ask, if you do n’t rate, just write a comment? Judging from the characteristics of domestic Internet traffic and dealings with game companies, scores are often easier to spread than reviews. People in charge of the game company’s market are also more willing to see a more intuitive good and bad evaluation, which also concerns others. job. So from the current situation, it is difficult for us to abandon this score.

As a game producer and publisher, you are always excited and recognized for something so quantified.

This is almost a dilemma of multiple choices. You want to look good, but you also need to consider the input-output ratio; you have to give the game company an account, but also be worthy of the reader; you want to innovate, but you have to follow the rules. So in the short term, players may have to spend years on these high and low game scores.

Why do players need game ratings?

Although you don’t want to admit it, players do still need game ratings. It is just like the game strategy and information. It is just the player’s need. Of course, the most basic use is already mentioned. It will not be repeated here.

Another starting point to look at the evaluation is Xie Ye. Like when I was in junior high and high school, I could buy a game magazine at school and watch it over and over again. Maybe I know more about a game than anyone who has played it. At that time, there was no such word. In its present words, it is the earliest cloud player. I understand the needs and mentality of cloud players very well, and now I naturally hope that the reviews I write can also help them.

In situations where access to information is limited, we rely heavily on such ratings, even if they are not as professional. But now we want to know whether a game is good or bad, with more and more channels, the original meaning of rating is not as big as before.

In addition, when looking at ratings and reviews, there is another important reason to find approval.

For the same reason that game paper is gradually being forgotten by players, players have more and more ways to obtain game information than before. Especially for domestic game media, due to the environment, the first-hand information we can get from foreign 3A masterpieces is very poor. If you do not get the qualification for early evaluation of the game, your evaluation is unlikely to start. How much demining effect.

At this time, our evaluation and scoring are more like an output with a personal style. Speaking nicely, the editor can put forward his point of view and speaking badly, our work is more like finding identity. After receiving the first-hand information of the game translated from the external network (or after playing the game), the players have a preliminary understanding of the game, and then turn to look at your evaluation, if you follow me If you have the same opinions, then I will give you a “looking”. If you don’t have the same idea with me, few people can discuss with you rationally, and they are basically direct sprays.

Only Famitsu currently continues this industry’s most traditional scoring model.

I did n’t condemn these irritable players. Really, if I am a player and have already played this game, I said no, you said yes, it ’s difficult to tune in, there will be a reason why you will teach me to play the game. impulse. Besides, editors don’t necessarily know much better than ordinary people in all games. In this kind of emotion of finding identity and spraying, we have to take care when we write the evaluation, but it is also difficult to satisfy the aesthetics and understanding of most people, and we can only find a relative balance. In this way, a fixed evaluation audience has been screened out.

In other words, players are more willing to see such things.

How much trouble does scoring cause in 2019?

In the past year, I have written reviews for about 10+ games, and I have personally experienced some controversy caused by game ratings. I never expected a simple rating, through the fermentation of the player community, such a big wave. That’s why I want to start writing this article in the new year.

“Ghost Recon: Breakpoint” is the lowest I gave this year, 6.5. In contrast, IGN gave the game 6 points, GS gave it lower, only 4 points, and the media on Metacritic only scored 55 points. This low score is the worst score Ubisoft has achieved in recent years, which directly led them to adjust the sales and promotion strategies of many games after that. We must know that the performance of other works by Ubisoft in the past two years is relatively stable. This score Even more eye-catching.

I’m still very conservative about this score. My “Breakpoint” career was very unsuccessful. At the time of the 11th holiday, I had already made an appointment to connect with other peers who got the game in advance, but I encountered a network exhaust when downloading, nearly 50G The game took me a day, the login error delayed another day, and to be honest, the enthusiasm was basically worn away. So much so that I just wanted to play a stand-alone game quietly and hurriedly abandoned the pit when I was able to write a review.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the industrial sandbox. Before the game was released, I made two trips to France for this game. I actually prepared the game content, but after I got started, I still felt the “maliciousness” of Ubisoft games, and there were many ancestral bugs. 6.5 points I think we can make an accurate overview of the game, its production cost must not be low, the production team also made a lot of efforts, the company also talks about the show, it deserves a passing score, only However, they used their attention in the wrong place and did not learn from the past. This score is enough for the production team to be alert. A lower score will only bring my personal likes and dislikes to such games, and it is obviously not a suitable opportunity to give Breaking Point a retaliatory score.

When I thought that “Breakpoint” would be the lowest point I gave this year, I quickly encountered another controversial game this year, “The Return of the Great Saint.”

The reason why “The Great Saint” did not become my lowest score game this year is because I did not give it a score, I just wrote reviews. Before the review was released, I also talked to the game publisher and Sony about this plan. I don’t want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Da Sheng here. I don’t want to score and I’m not afraid to offend people. I just want to say that the retaliatory score will not have any positive impact on the game.

In the face of a poorly produced game, I would ask myself, what kind of game do the people who make this game want to make, and the actual work has completed the expected percentage? I’m not a self-media person, and I can’t reflect my obvious personal hobbies in the article. Blindly bragging or raising your arms shouting in anger are not objective manifestations. If you pay attention to the curve of word of mouth changes after the return of “The Great Saint,” there is a transition period from the various media release evaluations to the media crowding in and pushing it into the mud.

I didn’t push the responsibility to some self-media people-their style has always been the same, and because of this they have attracted their fans to cheer for them. They should maintain their style and do what fans want to see. But from a media point of view, what I have to do is to tell more people about me-including passersby-rather than forcing the game to you or pulling it out of their pockets.

Speaking of a very touching thing, in November I saw the trial zone of “The Return of the Great Saint” at the site of the Guangzhou Nuclear Fusion. Monaco Luoque, only a few dozen people have the courage to come up and experience it for themselves in a day. I think this is too normal, but I am happy for those who have the courage to try it out after watching the online controversy. I also hope that they can have their own thoughts after playing-good or bad, as long as it is Your true feelings are just fine. However, one of the anchors who lived on a mobile phone and threatened to show everyone that “this game will be black three times down the stairs” is exactly the opposite. At that time, the live version was already the latest version, and frequent black screen cuts have been greatly After the amendment, the result is, of course, he returned disappointed. This kind of behavior that wants to step on the feet of the drowning people by this opportunity is useless to the industry. It has no meaning except to vent their dissatisfaction and a wave of heat.

The last thing I want to talk about is “The Death Stranded” in November. As one of my most anticipated games, after getting the media testing opportunities given by Sony, I spent more than 50 hours walking through the entire process, and finally gave the game 9.5 points and wrote a review of more than 7,000 words. Recorded the customs clearance process of 120G. This is also the most attentive since I joined the industry.

At the time of publishing the review, I had prepared for the media and players to be divided into two levels. I predicted that IGN would give this game a low score, because this is obviously not their dish-they like to play “cool”, direct , A game with a strong impact, obviously “Dead Strand” is not their dish. In contrast, Famiton, which has not been believed by many people, directly gave 10 points-this is also reasonable, this is the fourth full score they have given to Kojima in a row. Recognition. The conclusion of the bifurcation is that it is difficult to really tell the quality of the game with just one score.

The implication of this is that since the ratings are unreliable, how should we properly treat game ratings in 2020?

Should we treat game ratings correctly?

As a game media, we will try to be objective when scoring, but objective is always relative, and players may not want to look at the serious reviews. Whether you spray or not, we always have an attitude. If there is really a quantifiable formula in this world to calculate the score of each game, even if the formula is not flawed, I think players are not willing to watch it. It lacks as a player’s impulse when facing the game, it also lacks a summary of personal experience, and it cannot be recognized by the player. Therefore, we have been trying to shape our own style, carefully looking for the singularity between objective and subjective, and resonating as much as possible.

Specific to different editors, each person will have different standards in how to score the game. Personally, I value the degree of completion of a game. The producer ’s ideas and ideas are a few percent. They are conveyed to me through the process of playing the game. This kind of thinking is compared with the same type of games on the market. Whether it’s outdated (or innovative), how does it feel to play? In the past, we used to separate the game system, graphics, music and other elements separately and then combine them, but this method is too traditional and not suitable for so many types of games.

More importantly, if you want to write a good review, the key is to have a central idea. Just like the essays or narratives we usually write, all parts should pay attention to the overall effect, not mechanically disassemble the game. Open it up and analyze it evenly.

The Steam user community evaluation system is the worst experience I’ve ever seen, not even one.

Because the general review has only two options, positive and negative, no matter how well your review is written, a red thumb can deny all of the game-even if it is only because of some minor issues of the system. Especially for domestic games, we have seen too many communities destroyed by bad reviews. What’s more, in the Chinese context, here is full of all kinds of yin and yang strangeness and boring shaking machine spirits, I don’t understand that these evaluations can have other positive effects besides letting others like you.

I have also talked with colleagues in the bus editorial department about some new ideas and ideas at work. We have preliminary plans to do something new in the coming year, especially in the evaluation section. We want to focus the future evaluation on the more intuitive parts of the game, such as difficulty, freshness, impact, and innovation, and combine it with user feedback. As for the specific implementation method, it depends on us in the coming year. Planning and overall arrangement.

But in a short period of time, we cannot abandon the most basic evaluation mechanism of “scoring system”. Although we have analyzed the disadvantages of this mechanism, before a more comprehensive and interesting new evaluation method appears, We will continue to do it, and try our best to improve our aesthetic level when playing games. At the same time, the waist bar should be harder.

For a long time in the past, we didn’t even dare to imagine that we could work with well-known game media with a history of more than ten years in the world, and at the same time get a 3A-level work, get a glimpse into the details of the game in advance, also Slowly discover that you can affect more and more domestic players. Whether it’s “Dead Strand”, “Wolf” or “Borderless Land”, “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint”, etc., these well-known big companies also provide us with the opportunity to participate in global game distribution activities . The biggest help is the expansion of the domestic player group and the improvement of purchasing power. On the other hand, whether the three main consoles officially entered the Chinese market or the efforts of other game publishing companies are also very important. This allows domestic gamers and games The media can express their views in a more formal image.

Everyone must have their own opinions on how to properly treat game ratings. The most popular saying is “look at the media with high scores and trust yourself with low scores.” This is relatively reasonable, but it is not comprehensive. In the face of media ratings, the more important is the “vertical rather than horizontal” comparison, that is, it is meaningless to compare the scores of different media with each other, because everyone’s judgment standards are different, while the vertical comparison is Let us easily see that under similar standards, different types of game production levels, and easy to find editors with similar tastes-of course, how to keep the same standards for different editors in the same media, you can only give this company HR and leadership too.

The rest is left to the players to comment. Letting you find identity, or spray something harmoniously, shows that what we write is useful to you-for gamers, usefulness is more important than anything.

Author: West Fourth
Source: TGbus


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