Itchy red spots: what can be

Itchy red spots: what can be

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In the presence of red spots on the skin that cause itching can occur for a wide range of conditions, from allergic conditions to infections. Only a specialist is able to make the proper diagnosis. Therefore, the appearance of these spots should lead the patient to seek a dermatologist. See some of the possible causes for red spots on the skin.

  • Urticaria

  • Pink pityriasis

  • Contact dermatitis

  • Skin mycoses

  • Scabies


Urticaria is one of the most common conditions that cause the appearance of red spots on the skin. In general, urticaria is the result of a allergic process medications, mosquito bites and consumption of some foods. However, it can also occur due to a viral or bacterial infection and exposure to extreme temperatures.

Urticaria is characterized by a lots of red spots which can even associate and form large red blocks throughout the body. The spots are usually circular and may have a small relief. Most of the time, the hives disappear within a week, but recovery may take longer.

Pink pityriasis

Pink pityriasis is caused by infections of viruses of the herpes family. The disease, quite common, begins with just a small spot and undergoes a peeling process. As the days go by, the amount increases and the growth in the number of injuries can continue for up to a month, which makes the treatment takes time, reaching three months in certain cases. Pink pityriasis it is not contagious.

Contact dermatitis

At contact dermatitis cause red spots to appear through contact with an irritating substance. Plants, perfumes, leather and jewelry are some of the substances that most cause contact dermatitis. In general, the reddish spot has the format of the causative object of the problem. Contact should be interrupted – by stopping wearing a ring or perfume, for example – immediately. The stain tends to disappear in two or three days.

Skin mycoses

Skin mycoses are caused by the multiplication of some species of fungi on body. The spots appear in a specific area of ​​the body, which can affect the scalp, limbs and groin, among others. These mycoses are contagious and are transmitted by the contact of healthy people with patients’ bedding and towels.


THE scabies, also called scabies, is a disease highly contagious caused by dust mites and which is exactly characterized by the formation of red spots that itch a lot on the body. Because of its high degree of contagion, not only the patient affected by scabies should be treated, but all people living in the same home.

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