Italy vs England live: Pride and prejudice 61016610

Italy vs England live | Euro 2021 Finals

The two teams with many debts England and Italy will enter the final match of Euro 2021, with the sole goal of nothing but the championship.

2:00pm on 12/7 | Wembley Stadium

Broadcast channel: VTV3

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It can be said that the Italian team is the most popular team at the Euro 2021 finals. Roberto Mancini’s army entered the final proudly, with a very beautiful attacking style.

Accepting to give up her identity, the Azzurri are performing beyond expectations under the kneading hands of a passionate coach. Fans of the blue shirt team have waited too long, now is the best time for Italy to return to the top of glory.

Italy is the most convincing team at Euro 2021. Photo: Getty

Meanwhile, the England team went to the final match with many prejudices. The Three Lions, although possessing an extremely powerful force, still choose to play pragmatic even against opponents that are rated as inferior.

Despite that, Gareth Southgate and his students still won every match. There would be nothing sweeter than when England won their first Euro title, right at Wembley mecca.

Italy vs England live: Pride and prejudice 61017610

Kane and his teammates stood before a historic opportunity. Photo: Getty

Italy and England represent two opposing schools of football at all times in history. Will practicality or beauty take the throne? The answer will be available at 2:00, dawn on July 12 (Vietnam time).

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