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Italy removed sanctions for Russia Navalny case


(News 24h) – Contrary to the EU’s view, Italy announced the removal of sanctions on Russia related to the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition Alexei Navalny.

Sputnik reported that Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio recently took his initiative before the House of Representatives, calling for discussion on sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia in connection with the case. Arrest Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny.

Authorized center for Russian vu Navalny
Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

Specifically, Mr. Di Maio said that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s government is ready to discuss removing sanctions against Russia.

“Russian authorities have so far ignored responses from abroad, accusing the internal nature of the case involving Mr. Navalny. Our ambassador in Brussels is considering the best tools for a counter-attack. EU application, taking into account a discussion that foreign ministers will hold next week “- Foreign Minister Di Maio said.

From Rome’s point of view, Mr. Navalny needed to be “released immediately” but should discuss what will be imposed on Russia to improve the situation.

In the past, Italy has repeatedly criticized European sanctions against Russia. Mr. Di Mayo emphasized that the call to stop punishing Russia is not because of supporting Russia but because the Russian sanctions are counterattack. Sanctions against Moscow not only cause damage to Russia, but also negatively impact Italian businesses, so they need to be reconsidered.

“We are fighting to remove anti-Russia sanctions. However, we do this not because we love the Russians but because we are protecting Italian interests” – Deputy Prime Minister Di Mayo emphasized.

In Di Mayo’s view, Russia “is not a threat, but an increasingly important trade and economic partner” to Italy.

The European Union first issued Russian sanctions in 2014 on accusations of Moscow meddling in the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Crimea’s secession of Kiev and reintegration of Russia through a referendum.

Russia has repeatedly strongly denied the allegations against Moscow, and also issued a number of moves in response to the European Union.

Regarding sanctions aimed at Russia over the detention of the Russian opposition activist, Europe has brought in a series of Russian officials involved in the case that will be banned from traveling to Europe and frozen property there.

Authorized center for Russian vu Navalny
Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny and his wife while nursing at Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany. Photo: REUTERS

Then, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of Germany, Sweden and France to protest the sanctions against Europe’s Moscow over the Navalny case, and introduced retaliatory sanctions.

The Russian Foreign Ministry recommends foreign politicians respect international law and resolve their domestic problems. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that some members of the international community have used Navalny’s case to turn the attention of public opinion in their country away from the crisis of democracy, especially the United States. France.

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