Italy burst into tears after a suffocating penalty shootout

The Italian team officially owns the first ticket to advance to the Euro 2021 final after defeating Spain in a penalty shootout.

Unlike the previous matches, the Italian team was forced to switch to a counter-attacking style because of Spain’s very good ball control. However, it was the Azzurri who created more good chances and took the lead.

Once again, striker Federico Chiesa shows the ability to explode in big matches. During a counter-attack, the Juventus striker had a perfect heart attack that made goalkeeper Unai Simon only stand still.

La Roja’s efforts also helped them get results. The scorer was Morata with a very good banter with Dani Olmo.


In the penalty shootout, Italian fans had a heart attack after the broken kick situation of Locatelli. However, his teammates later corrected the mistake.


Alvaro Morata once again played the villain when he missed the fourth penalty. Immediately after that, midfielder Jorginho showed the usual accuracy and ended the match with a penalty score of 4-2.


Italy is the first team to advance to the Euro 2021 final. The opponent of Mancini’s teachers and students will be the winner of the match between England and Denmark, taking place at 2:00 am tomorrow morning 8/7 (Vietnam time).

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