Italian violence aesthetics MV AGUSTA “BRUTALE/DRAGSTER 800”

The Italian motorcycle brand MV AGUSTA recently released the 2021 BRUTALE 800 and DRAGSTER 800 to the world. Both models have added functions that are more in line with current trends, such as new electronic control systems and compliance with EURO 5 standards.

The most obvious change in the 2021 BRUTALE 800 and DRAGSTER 800 is the sharper LED headlight set than the current model. BRUTALE has added a 5.5-inch full-color TFT instrument panel that can be connected to a smart phone.

This LCD instrument, which can be used in conjunction with the exclusive APP, allows the rider to check the vehicle power, remaining fuel level and other information from the mobile phone, and can also adjust personal settings such as the engine, suspension and electronic control system through the mobile phone. , Can also project the picture directly onto the dashboard of the vehicle.

Same as the current model, the 2021 BRUTALE 800 and DRAGSTER 800 are available in ROSSO, RR and RR SCS versions. The SCS version also uses an improved SCS based on the automatic centrifugal clutch introduced by the American parts manufacturer “REKLUSE”. (Smart Clutch System) Clutch.

The SCS system monitors the engine speed, throttle opening, number of gears, number of front and rear wheel rotations, etc. to grasp the slippage of the clutch and the sliding status of the rear wheels. Not only can the clutch be controlled from forward to stop without controlling the clutch. It will not stall, and unlike the more complex DCT gearbox, it retains the joy of controlling the clutch.

In addition to the above versions, DRAGSTER 800 also has a higher-profile RC SCS version, which comes standard with forged aluminum alloy wheels instead of RR wire spokes or ROSSO cast alloy wheels.

Not only that, the DRAGSTER 800 RC SCS also uses carbon fiber parts on the body. It is also affected by events such as Moto2 and Supersport. It comes with a track-specific SC Project exhaust system. The maximum horsepower can be increased to 150hp.


Both models use a 798cc water-cooled four-stroke parallel three-cylinder engine with a six-stage gearbox and an EAS 3.0 two-way fast-displacement system, which can provide a maximum horsepower of 140hp at 12,300rpm (RR/RR SCS/RC SCS version) and maximum torque 87Nm is produced at 10,250rpm. In addition, MV AGUSTA has not only passed the EURO 5 standard by changing the details of the engine interior and exhaust system, but also has a safe top speed of 244km/h.


In terms of body structure and electronic control system, the front suspensions of both vehicles are equipped with Marzocchi-made inverted front forks, Sachs central single-gun rear suspension and single rocker arm, and the braking system is naturally a full Brembo system; electronic control, including steering ABS, tracking control system, anti-floating control system, cruise control system, etc. should all be provided.

Other notable changes are the adjusted chassis, which can provide higher rigidity and better suspension dynamics. The New Year’s DRAGSTER 800 RR can be equipped with rear tires with a width of 200/55 to further improve handling.

In terms of body painting, BRUTALE 800 RR is available in shock pearl red and metallic charcoal black, while DRAGSTER 800 RR is available in four colors: matte gray, matte metallic dark gray, matte silver, and matte metallic dark silver.

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