Italian Prime Minister defends Russia amid storms criticizing aid

Italian Prime Minister defends Russia amid storms criticizing aid

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                        While Russia was blamed for a political conspiracy around helping European members fight the COVID-19 epidemic, the Italian Prime Minister spoke up in defense.

On April 9, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte commented on the views about Russia’s true motive for sending medical personnel to support the country against the pandemic.

In general, the health of Russia is equal to the costs of the war
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte once met Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: AP

Accordingly, Conte countered Russia’s critics, calling Italy’s support a conspiracy to help Moscow gain Italian credibility in pushing for the removal of EU sanctions on the country.

The Italian Prime Minister said such comments were “insulting” to the Italian Government.

“Such words offend me deeply. This is an insult to the Italian government, and to [Tổng thống Nga] Vladimir Putin, who would never dream of using them [việc viện trợ nhân đạo-ND] leverage for something “- Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte emphasized.

Conte said the COVID-19 epidemic crisis “posed a challenge to Europe’s existence” due to a lack of joint action to revive the economy.

In addition to supporting Italy in terms of personnel and medical equipment, Russia also supports Spain.

In an earlier statement, former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi criticized the views of wanting to politicize the help of Russia or China in Italy.

“I think that the help of Russia and China is helpful. It shows that the proximity of people is paramount. And I see, besides, there is the Chinese red flag and American flag, that shows kindness.

We see a bit of solidarity in this time of stress. I think in the past years we have uselessly divided the world, “Mr. Prodi told foreign reporters.

In his opinion, it is necessary to express gratitude to aid aircraft appearing in Italy.

“There are people who want to lift sanctions against Russia, there are some people who want to tighten sanctions, but this is another matter. Please do not mention this when we mention aid. “, – he said when answering the question about Russia’s aid discrediting efforts.

The statement allegedly refers to the news described by the Western press as an Italian aid campaign that is politically significant because it helps Russia become more sympathetic in the eyes of Europeans and can promote support. lifted sanctions Russia.

La Stampa even published an article citing unnamed senior sources saying that 80% of Russian aid to Italy in the battle against coronavirus was “completely useless or of little benefit”. for country.

Italian authorities, meanwhile, have made statements that deny the news.

Oliviero Valoti, an Italian doctor, head of the field hospital established at Pope John XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, Italy, has praised the aid to Russian experts. Joint operation between Italian and Russian experts has been effective, although there are differences in language and treatment methods at first.

“At first, we had some difficulty understanding the methods and approaches to working in the intensive care industry and other units, but, despite the slightly different standards, we have established a good cooperation. Our present experience is very valuable and sometimes very emotional, “Dr. Valoti told TASS.

Italian doctors also praised the Russian ventilator, installed in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

“These Russian-made machines are of high quality and very necessary. Italian experts have mastered them, they are very easy to use and convenient,” the doctor stressed.

“In Bergamo, many patients speak a local dialect, different from the traditional Italian language, which even translators who accompany Russian medical practitioners have difficulty understanding, but doctors local doctors are always ready to help, “said Dr. Valoti.

Valoti was one of the first doctors to get coronavirus. He revealed that the illness lasted for 20 days, after which he immediately returned to his mission and was tasked with establishing the field hospital.

Russia’s help also shows its effectiveness when other parts of Italy, such as the Piemonte region, also expect support from a group of Russian military medical forces.

Earlier, Major General Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, commented that Russia is providing Italy with impartial support in the fight against the disease and without any criticism in all directions. Local media may force Russia to abandon this purpose.

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