It was revealed on the Internet that the mentor of "Tomorrow's Son 5", in addition to Deng Ziqi and Wang Yuan, there is also a talk show celebrity

It was revealed on the Internet that the mentor of “Tomorrow’s Son 5”, in addition to Deng Ziqi and Wang Yuan, there is also a talk show celebrity

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Since “Youth with You 3” was exposed to pouring milk, there have been express provisions prohibiting the birth of such talent shows, such as “Creation Camp 2022”, “Youth with You 4”, etc., do not want to participate in the sea. Selected news. I thought I would never see a talent show going online again. I didn’t expect that the tutor of “Tomorrow’s Children 5” was exposed online. I was a little surprised when the news came out. Could it be that this is not a talent show? Why is it online?

“The Sons of Tomorrow” is a music model program. Through different tracks, people who like music are selected. Everyone uses the form of competition on the stage to find the most powerful character, and then the platform builds and pushes it. , Let him become a big star from his ordinary life. Among them, Mao Buyi, Ma Boqian, Zhao Tianyu, etc., became popular because of “Tomorrow’s Son”. So when I heard that the tutor of “Tomorrow’s Children 5” was online, everyone was curious as to who has the ability to help this kind of powerful program.

According to the news on the Internet, the fifth season of “Tomorrow’s Sons” was originally in the form of folk songs, but now it has been changed to an original season. In the lineup of tutors, there are Deng Ziqi, Wang Yuan, and Wutiao from music. I don’t really know Wujo people, just say that we are all familiar with Wang Yuan. As a powerful singer in TFBOYS, he is very high in both singing ability and creative level. Although he is relatively young, he has a long debut time. If a player is a mentor, it is more than enough.

And Deng Ziqi’s words are not to mention, she has her own unique singing method, and her voice is even more impressive, plus many of her songs have been sung by everyone, which shows that her musical skills are also very deep. Although she hasn’t made many songs recently, it doesn’t mean that Ziqi is not good. It’s just that she is looking for a time when we are all surprised, and then she will come out to give everyone a surprise. In addition to the above few guests, there is also a celebrity in the talk show world, this person is Li Xueqin.

Li Xueqin’s eloquence is indeed very good, and his emotional intelligence is also very high, but for her original song, I have not seen much, so I always feel that she is a bit unreasonable if she is a tutor for “Tomorrow’s Children 5”. However, if she is allowed to adjust the atmosphere, then no one is more suitable than her. So it is very likely that when the organizer chooses a mentor, it is not only looking for someone from professionalism, but also after comprehensive consideration, will invite Li Xueqin to appear.

After everyone saw the tutor lineup of “Tomorrow’s Children 5”, there are little fresh meat that everyone likes, and there are more popular talk show actors, they all feel that this season’s ratings and reputation will definitely be very good. The songs with original themes of this kind are very popular ones, coupled with these lovely tutors, they are even more popular, but I don’t know if the final result will be the same as the news exposed on this website. ?

Taking into account the final matter, it is very likely that there will be a flip, so I hope that when you eat melons, you must maintain an objective and calm attitude. Don’t just believe in the news exposed on this net because your personal ideas are too extreme. Unwilling to accept the final facts. Okay, that’s all for today’s sharing. I don’t know if you are looking forward to the arrival of “Tomorrow’s Children 5” after reading it?


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