It was released for 16 days at the box office of 3.06 million, and the first bad film finally went offline in 2021

It was released for 16 days at the box office of 3.06 million, and the first bad film finally went offline in 2021

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Three veteran actors from Hong Kong films, Wu Mengda, Luo Jiaying, and Li Zixiong were invited. They were co-directed by Wang Kai and Li Lichi, but they offered a top-notch film, this one is the famous “Changan Fu Yao”.

“Changan Fu Yao” starring Bao Jianfeng, Clara, Sun Yaowei, etc., was released in January, and was frantically complained as soon as it went online. It can be called the first big bad movie in 2021.

The box office on the premiere day was only 1.23 million yuan. After the release, the box office continued to decline. The final total box office was only 3.06 million yuan.

The story of “Changan Fu Yao” revolves around a chef with lofty aspirations. The chef is named Li Changan. In order to pick up girls, he eventually grew into a master of demons and demons.

Li Changan fell in love with a woman named Gongsunyu, but Gongsunyu’s brother looked down on him at all and always prevented him from picking up girls and said that he was just a cook. Li Changan asked if Brother Gongsunyu had joined the most prominent Liuqisi in Chang’an, and he would no longer stop him from dating his sister Gongsunyu. Brother Gongsunyu threw a sentence: Just rely on you? Just stop talking to this young man.

Then, Li Changan met Ma San of Liuqisi on the street. Ma San told him that he had been involved in a major case. It turned out that the tomb thief stole the Xuan Mizhu, and then the thief stupidly put the Xuan Mizhu into the sweet-scented osmanthus glutinous rice ball in the restaurant’s kitchen, which is the place where Li Changan was working. He ate the Xuan Mizhu into his stomach. .

Later, Ma San asked Li Changan to join Liuqi Division. To join Liuqi Division, he had to pass the six-person problem of Liuqi Division. The first topic was how to make Baihuajiu, and the second topic was how to make northwest roast lamb leg. . I don’t know how the screenwriter came up with it. This Rokuki Division is not a restaurant.

The last level was a duel with Liuqisi, Wuwei was Li Changan’s rival in love. He also liked Gongsunyu. Li Changan fought him with a kitchen knife and was seriously injured, but eventually survived three moves. All unhappy, wanted to kill Li Chang’an, but was stopped by Ma San, so he lost his temper and resigned.

Li Changan healed his injuries in the town demon tower and attacked him by surprise, but he was killed by Li Changan, and Li Changan flew back to Changan City. At this time, the monsters of Chang’an City were raging. It turned out that Ouchi Master Yu wanted to take the throne and poisoned the people of Chang’an City. As long as people were splashed with the blood of the poisoned people, they would become monsters.

Gongsunyu was also splashed with blood. Li Changan zoomed in over the city of Chang’an with one hand, and prevented Gongsunyu from turning into a monster with one hand, but he was too busy at all, and the situation was getting more and more serious. Gongsunyu committed suicide and Li Changan saved Changan City, and father-in-law Yu was also beaten to death by other old men of Liuqisi, and the world was finally peaceful.

The story of “Changan Fu Yao” can’t stand scrutiny. The plot design is very blunt, and there are Sanmao special effects and embarrassing performances. After a movie, there is no bright spot.

Since its release, the daily box office revenue of “Chang’an Fu Yao” has continued to decline. By January 23, the daily box office revenue was only 1,600 yuan, and it was finally released after 16 days.


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