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It turns out that Chen Xiaojun’s figure is so predictable! When she wore a seamless outfit and lowered her waist, Li Feier was envious

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I don’t know how much you know about the female star Chen Xiaojun? Before, Chen Xiaojun became popular on the Internet because of his relationship with Yu Xiaotong, but their relationship eventually ended in a breakup. After breaking up with Yu Xiaotong, Chen Xiaojun finally recovered her career ambition. Recently, her performance in “Lang Jie 2” is remarkable. Let’s follow Xiaoyou to experience Chen Xiaojun’s return to singleness. The charm of it.

Compared with the old photos of Chen Xiaojun, her current image has undergone quite a big change, but for the current Chen Xiaojun, her image is indeed in line with contemporary aesthetics. Recently, she looks very Japanese when she has the “Instant Noodle Head” hairstyle, because her relationship with heavy makeup looks more like a woman from a comic. Note that Chen Xiaojun’s own super fair complexion is also particularly against the sky, I wonder if you would envy the complexion that Chen Xiaojun has?

In this year’s “Lang Jie 2”, Chen Xiaojun can be regarded as one of the “dancing burdens”, among which she has become a fan of many people by relying on her many dances. Because of his outstanding figure, Chen Xiaojun will look extremely sexy as long as he wears tight-fitting clothes. Under Chen Xiaoyun’s interpretation of this all-black “non-marking outfit”, the sexy charm that she highlights is really beyond the reach of ordinary ladies.

“Wuhen” is a brand new item brought out by Gina last year, and then this kind of “Wuhen” has been loved by countless ladies, and it is especially suitable for Chen Xiaoyun who has a hot body. This kind of tight-fitting “non-marking outfit”, I feel that she is really showing off her figure curve. At that time, in the program, Chen Xiaojun’s full buttock ratio after squatting slightly made Li Fei’er envied.

Different types of clothing can naturally allow us to see different sides of Chen Xiaojun. The appearance of this white gauze skirt easily brought Chen Xiaojun into the realm of princesses. Will you still feel a “fairy spirit” in her look? Chen Xiaoyun, who has a fair complexion, is a “white and rich girl” after wearing this veil dress. The tied hairstyle and the super long earrings she wears are also a perfect match.

The image of Chen Xiaojun in the black suspender skirt and behind her finally highlights the mature beauty of a kind of aluminum “sister”, which is like the concrete presentation of the word “extraordinary” for her shape. Paying attention to the white line design of the skirt also modifies her own body proportion very well, and with the help of the line division effect, it can make us feel her devil curve. The design of this black dress, which only depends on two thin straps, looks very hot. It is no exaggeration to say that her dress is definitely a type that ordinary ladies cannot and dare not try.

In life, Chen Xiaojun is also a person who likes to dress up for age reduction. After all, every girl wants her own image to look young. The private suit she is wearing is a youthful outfit. The gradual design of the top is already very trendy. In addition, you can see that the drapery design trousers worn by Chen Xiaoyun are extremely long. type. After sharing so much, you don’t know what type of Chen Xiaojun’s look you are most satisfied with?You are also welcome to leave your opinions in the message area



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