It took 12 days for this 9.4-point new drama to rush from No. 23 to No. 1 on the hot list

It took 12 days for this 9.4-point new drama to rush from No. 23 to No. 1 on the hot list

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In January 2021, the most fascinating domestic drama is Noon Sun’s new drama “Mountain and Sea Love”, from the first episode to the 23rd episode, it can’t stop at all.

A rare domestic masterpiece, the performance of “Mountains and Seas” completely exceeded expectations, and a film and television work with the main theme can be shot so real and so moving.

When it first aired, the popularity of the new drama “Mountain and Sea” was not high. It only ranked 23rd in the popularity rankings of the entire network, but as one episode after another was broadcast, “Mountain and Sea” It detonated the word of mouth, and the popularity began to rise.

On January 23, “Mountain and Sea Love” finally rushed to the top of the hot list, beating the hit dramas such as “You Fei”, “Shangyang Fu” and “Golden Years”.

At the same time, the score of “Mountain and Sea” on the Douban platform has also rushed from 9.1 to 9.4. The number of ratings has exceeded 78,000, and the five-star praise accounted for about 76%.

In the new drama “Mountain and Sea”, there are many touching details, and the whole process of chasing the drama will always be moved by the storyline inadvertently.

Today, let’s talk about the brotherhood between Ma Defu and Ma Debao. When the 20th episode was broadcast, the scene of brotherhood was completely detonated and I saw tears.

Ma Debao ran away from home for the first time and was captured by Ma Defu. After leaving home for the second time, Ma Debao only left a letter to his brother Ma Defu, who was looking for the missing Gawa.

After returning, the once rebellious Ma Debao finally grew up and learned that a professor was teaching mushrooms. He was the first to try and succeeded in starting a business. He also bought a motorcycle.

Later, Ma Debao switched to engineering and made a lot of money, but as he got bigger and bigger, Ma Defu asked him to take on a project, but he was still in arrears. When Ma Defu settled the town government’s debt owed, he did not put the money owed to Ma Debao on the list of the first batch of repayments. Ma Debao became angry at Ma Defu, and the two of them almost had nothing to do with the brothers. .

Feeling guilty, Ma Defu went to talk to his younger brother with the miscellaneous, Ma Defu assured Ma Debao that the next batch of payments would be paid to him. At this time, Ma Debao was still upset, so he asked him to drink a bottle of white wine. Although Ma Defu did not drink, he began to blow the bottle for the sake of brotherhood. After drinking almost, Ma Debao took the wine again. , A detail reflects the brotherhood.

The content that follows is even more touching. Ma Defu talked about his father’s advice to him. When he was a child, his family was poor and could only be used by one child to study. The selection was a blessing, and his father told him to take good care of Debao. A scene jerked people to tears.

It took 12 days for Douban’s “Mountain and Sea Love” with a score of 9.4 to finally reach the top of the hot list. Thanks to its excellent reputation, it is not easy.


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