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It is the wrong diet that is the highest cause of death in many countries around the world

Talking about the risks that affect people's health in modern times, almost everyone thinks immediately about tobacco, cancer or high blood pressure. But in many countries, the main reason is an unreasonable diet (temporarily omitting the source of non-quality food, leading to poisoning leading to death).

A 27-year study, published in the Lancet magazine, shows that in many countries, the death rate of an unreasonable diet is even higher due to high blood pressure or smoking caused by smoking. Calculating 1/5 of the annual deaths in the world, calculated to be about 11 million people, is due to eating too much salt and too few types of whole grains or fruits … Also by the size of the study So this author believes that the research results will be useful for everyone, not just for a certain area.

Bill Gates' foundation has funded this research to find out the 15 common risks in dietary forms and their impact on health problems. They took a large number of supposedly unhealthy dishes such as red meat and processed meat, sugary drinks, patterns of trans-fat and salt to compare with diets. There are few healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, milk, omega-3 nuts from seafood … As a result, the main source of salt and health problems in health problems are subtracted. In many countries, things like red meat, trans fat or sugary drinks are only at the bottom of this risk ranking. Most of the reasons lie in not eating enough vegetables, whole grains or other fruits.

Thanks to the wide coverage, this study is part of the annual Global Burden of Disease Report, a report compiled from thousands of researchers on death and disability caused by more. 350 types of diseases and injuries in 195 countries. In this report, there are many good figures like numbers saying that if we reduce consumption of red meat and sugar by half, instead of eating more vegetables, nuts, and fruits, we can help prevent 11.6 million premature deaths. Of the above 11 million early deaths, about 10 million cases related to cardiovascular disease, cancer more than 900,000, and type 2 diabetes account for nearly 350,000 cases. About the rate of disability, about 66% are caused by chronic diseases related to the above diseases.

In some countries such as the US, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Iran and Turkey, eating not enough whole grains is the biggest risk of inadequate eating and moderation. . In many other countries this factor only ranks in the secondary row. This is not the case for the countries that do not have cereals to eat, but mostly because the people in the country consume much of their processed cereals, no longer having the proper nutrients like the pure ones. The reason is that all by selling, the sale of whole grains is often expensive and not everyone can constantly buy and eat these forms, manufacturers only need to take a small amount to make the forms. The labeled food and drink containing cereals has already been able to boost consumption, and the price of ordinary consumers is also easier to breathe than the other.

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Eating lots of fried foods is not as fresh as the sample

For many Asian countries, including Vietnam, the biggest risk lies in the amount of salt in the food because the habit of using spicy food is more than necessary, can take attendance to surf a series of things we use in daily meals like fish sauce, salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce … and everything else. Changing eating habits is always a difficult task, not a day 1 or 2 because in many places it is a culture, but if there is no change, these unreasonable eating patterns will has a bad impact on this community.

Continuing to fumble in the research of scientists also shows that the use of unreasonable sugar drinks will cause premature deaths, especially in women. In this case there is a rather odd cause, in many places where they use a lot of sugary drinks because, no clean water or fruit forms. According to researcher Christian Razo of the Mexican public university, many people in the country do not have access to clean water, to drink water to buy, and it is clear that when going out to buy water to drink many people will buy the more sweet soda soda than buying filtered water with boring packaging.

Scientists and WHO want this new study to be like a wake-up call to countries around the world about the importance of eating right and getting enough quality, in addition to focusing on treating diseases caused by many. The reason is that sometimes just eating right can reduce, prevent a lot of forms.

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