It is recognized that the star with the most fans, Yi Yanqianxi is only 7th, Yang Mi is 3rd, and the top nationality is too high

It is recognized that the star with the most fans, Yi Yanqianxi is only 7th, Yang Mi is 3rd, and the top nationality is too high

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Sometimes the number of fans directly determines the influence of a celebrity. The more fans, the higher the celebrity’s influence and nationality.

So today, let us take a look at the celebrities with the most recognized fans in the circle!

Tenth place: Wang Yuan

Wang Yuan is a male star who has debuted since a very young age. As a child star, the public will be more impressed by him.

At the same time, Wang Yuan is very powerful. He has been a child of another family since he was a child, which makes people feel quite admirable.

Ninth place: Yao Chen

Yao Chen’s dramas can be said to have been seen from a young age. For example, Guo Furong in “Wulin Biography” is carefree and has a very delicate side. Another example is the later “Everything is Good”, a girl’s self-defense state is portrayed by her.

Eighth place: Zhao Wei

He once starred in “Returning the Pearl and Gege”, which he won unanimous praise from the public.

It has spread all over the world, and many foreign friends know her.

Seventh place: Yi Yang Qianxi

Yi Yang Qianxi is only 7th in the list, which is unexpected.

Yi Yang Qianxi’s strength is very strong. When he was a child, he made his debut as a singing and dancing artist and was sought after and recognized by many fans.

Later, in the film and television industry, another satisfactory answer was handed over, which was favored by the public.

So it makes people feel that Yi Yang Qianxi will have the most fans. But judging from his age and grades, the current Yi Yang Qianxi is already very good.

Sixth place: Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying can be said to be a star that has come up all the way back in the circle. When she first debuted, because of her cute appearance, many people asserted that her path was not long and the future drama could not be expanded.

However, Zhao Liying proved herself through a series of works in the circle, which made the public admire her very much.

Fifth place: Chen Kun

Chen Kun’s looks are outstanding, he is already very old, but his enthusiasm has not diminished. Many people are looking forward to whether Chen Kun will have excellent works in the future, which will make the public feel amazing.

Fourth place: Yang Ying

Yang Ying became a big hit in the variety show “Let’s Run” and became a traffic star. When starring in a TV series, it is not recognized by the public, but it can always provide a lot of laughter in variety shows.

Third place: Yang Mi

Yang Mi used to be one of the best sisters in the entertainment industry. Although she is now older, her state is in decline.

But Yang Mi’s influence is still great, after all, many people grew up watching Yang Mi’s TV series.

For example, Xue Jian in “Sword and Sword III”, and Guo Xiang in “The Legend of Condor Heroes”, her performance is amazing.

In the list, Yang Mi deserves the third place, and Yang Mi is still very influential now. Sometimes new trends in clockwork will be searched hot to attract public attention.

Second place: He Jiong

He Jiong has hosted many shows, such as “Happy Camp”, which is very classic.

For another example, the work “Longing for Life” is the most popular work he has hosted in recent years. It can be seen that the public still recognizes He Jiong’s ability to host.

First place: Xie Na

And the top nationality is too high. Xie Na is the host of the Happy Camp, and she has always been responsible for the funny atmosphere in the Happy Camp.

Later, Xie Na came into contact with variety shows, which injected her whole person’s charm into the show, which made people feel amazing.

After reading this list, what do you think of it? You can leave a message in the comment area and discuss it with everyone!


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