It is predicted that interior design trends will be storming in 2021

It is predicted that interior design trends will be storming in 2021

As simple as beautiful

If you really want a home that looks modern, ask yourself what you can throw away, what can be put away, and what is unnecessary and then prioritize. .

You must be consistent with the process, and go back to each room every few months and observe with a new perspective. You will certainly find that there is a lot to simplify. To make sure the surfaces stay clean, put everything in a special place.

For this reason, what you should do is buy things for quality rather than quantity and invest in “classic” items that will last a long time. Impulsively shop for fashion items that don’t belong to the modern style. Choose items that are quality, durable and can be used every day.

Mix of Nordic and Japanese styles

Scandinavian and Japanese styles are inherently minimalistic, simple and functional. White dominates all environments, natural wood, organic materials and forms with the influences of the great designers of Japan and Northern Europe in the 1950s as its main feature.

The space in these style designs is quite bright, spacious and airy. Furniture designed with pure lines, combining tradition with modernity and always prioritizing functionality.


Recently, the most prominent trends in interior design and décor focus on the personalization of the space. That means, you should take your personal style into account when designing your home, not too attached to the mainstream or what experts think of the latest trends.

Encouraging creativity through finding ways to express personal emotions has become the main style of the masses and this is heavily influenced by the Internet. Having access to a lot of information allows us to learn about new possibilities.

In addition to searching online for products, we access inspirational ideas and models from all over the world with just one simple click. This allows us to define our own personal style nuances, helping us refine our aesthetic perception and trust our preferences, not simply following the trends of the times. great.

So, vintage fashion recreates the classic warm environment yet still very modern, with simple lines and design elements inspired by nature.

For example, we have discovered this talented Russian architect Ekaterina Voronova. The young architect living in Dublin, Ireland specializes in interior design that reflects the needs and personality of its occupants, optimizing economy and functionality without neglecting details.

Its interior integrates classic 20th century designs, handcrafted furniture with personalized spaces, harmoniously blending the new with the old.


Gray and beige colors

This bedroom is decorated in black and white (certainly never outdated) with some color accents in pillows.

The minimalist and simple layout makes the room look very bright. It is painted white and has few windows that provide enough natural light. A good wardrobe will help hang more things and also help the space look tidy. The floor with a soft rug completes the design to give this apartment a very cozy feel.

The main character of this space is a chocolate-colored sofa, which looks very comfortable and also matches the wall behind it. Without a large amount of light shining through the windows and a splendid view of the trees, a neutral color palette like this will make the room look a bit sinking and lifeless.

These are minimal colors when decorating. Color plays a key role in contemporary décor, balancing the design and making this style pure.

Little color

Negative tones dominate everywhere these days. The reason is why? They look so clean and fresh that they create peace and tranquility. But this doesn’t mean we have to give up other colors. Yellow makes a space more cozy, while blue makes every message look sharper and can accentuate surrounding objects.

If you want to include a bit of color in your space, you should choose pure tones that are capable of tightly combining neutral tones, like brown, blue, or green.

Use natural colors to paint walls, windows, sheets or other decorative items. Neutral colors like white, golden brown or beige always look great for indoor décor, as they look natural and create a clean feel. Blue feels as refreshing as water and the sky. Gold creates a warmth like the rays of the sun or fresh flowers.

Natural materials

Although connecting with nature is indispensable, for those who live in big cities, it is increasingly distant. We are gradually moving away from the sky, earth, water and all the other natural elements that make us feel fresh, relaxed and one with mother nature.

How can we incorporate these natural elements back into life? The best way is to incorporate them into your own home. The easiest way is through the trees, but this is not the only way, you can also use other elements in nature to decorate: stone, wood, seashell, sand tank. , wood or straw. Or you can hang pictures or murals of these elements, if you don’t have real items on hand.

Natural fibers with different textures and designs such as wicker, rattan, hemp or jute are also a very good choice. You can choose these for your furniture or for decorative accessories such as carpets, baskets or lamps to create an oasis of relaxation in your home.

Use natural floor coverings. Wooden, cork or bamboo flooring will look much warmer under your feet than artificial coatings.

Nature has an undeniable appeal and, as we just said, it is paramount to integrate it into everyday life. Life in big cities separates us from direct exposure to the natural elements, to combat this, we need to try to bring the exterior into our home. One of the interior decoration trends is the decoration with floral, plant or animal motifs.

There is nothing more cozy than an armchair with pillows and a rug. To complete the setting, simply place a vase on the side table. This warm corner seems to be inviting us to put on our sandals and sit comfortably.

Stimulates the senses with aromas of nature and wood, frankincense or floral essences. The sound of rain, wind or murmuring waves is widely used in luxury spas to relax and in harmony with nature. You can use the same method at home. And finally, always choose eco-friendly materials, in bed sheets, towels, and even wall paint. You will feel closer to nature, and this earth will be very grateful to you.

Natural light

Having natural light filling the space is very important, and very precious. So place thin, light curtains to allow light to transform the space.

The dining room integrated into the living room is the best solution to make an apartment look more spacious. Indoor lighting is another important factor in creating a cozy and spacious environment. Open windows to get some fresh air, turn off the air conditioner occasionally and let in the air. As humans, we need fresh air to feel alive and peaceful.

Great if your window has a “chill” view. If trees block your view, you know what to do. Make the most of the views you can get, like a window overlooking the garden, pool or just the kids playing around in the yard.

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