Crime psychologists demonstrate: It is normal for employees to ... kill bosses - Photo 1.

It is normal for employees to … kill their boss

Crime psychologist, Dr. Julia Shaw, a University College London research associate, said more than half of the respondents once imagined they killed someone they knew. The thought of killing others is a "very common phenomenon" and is merely a human response. Besides, the criminal psychologist also said that it is not a negative thing for someone to imagine in detail about … killing his boss because that thought will make employees feel feel sympathetic to the superior.

She said: "There have been studies interviewing participants that they have dreamed about murder. More than half of the participants nodded to admit that they had imagined murder. Popular subjects are boss, boss, and other popular subjects are old lovers ".

"Of course, fortunately most of us only think so, not to participate in killing", She added.

Dr. Shaw described murder fantasies as a empathetic exercise: "What sequence do you think is going on, what do you imagine the consequences, you imagine what happens and guess what decision What is the final decision? "I don't want to do that, because that's not the end I want."

Experts say that people have developed intelligence that allows them to plan and predict possible outcomes from specific behaviors.

She explained: "When we humans develop intelligence, the ability to plan and predict results can come from our behavior and that is an important part of humanity."

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However, an important note drawn from a study by American scientists shows that "daydreaming" about violence can be harmful to your own health.

Researchers who invited 139 people to participate and asked some people to imagine behaving violence against people they hate. The results show that they are less satisfied and are more likely to be stuck with repetitive thoughts that may be harmful to their own mental health. But Dr. Shaw said that thoughts about murder are essential in ensuring that people act in accordance with moral code.

So, to put it briefly, wanting to kill can be a good thing, because it can prevent us from actually doing so.

Crime psychologists demonstrate: It is normal for employees to ... kill bosses - Photo 3.

According to the UK National Health Service (NHS), people with mental illness who are serious antisocial personality disorder can lead to impulsive, irresponsible behavior and often criminal acts. They account for about 1% of the general population.

Meanwhile, a 2011 study from the University of Denver found that mental patients were thought to account for a quarter of the prisoners. The findings of the study also show that people with mental illness are 4-8 times more likely to relapse into violence than those who do not suffer from mental illness and resist most forms of treatment.

Dr. Shaw also argued that it is wrong to describe most murderers as "demons" and that some criminals are out of control or unintentional.

(Source: Independent)

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