It is difficult for US veterans to live in the US and look to Southeast Asia

It is difficult for US veterans to live in the US and look to Southeast Asia

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                        More and more suicides by American veterans are becoming commonplace, with many choosing Southeast Asian countries as a place to settle down.

RT recently published an article by American writer and journalist Robert Bridge about the irony of American veterans. They are ineligible to live in the US and are gradually looking to Southeast Asia to settle.

My army is located in My, looking to Dong Nam A
Many American veterans commit suicide in peacetime. Artwork: Military Times

According to Mr. Bridge, the monthly pensions and social security benefits of US veterans do not guarantee them with the necessary needs or living very frugally.

US President Donald Trump has recently expanded health coverage to give more American veterans access, even for all veterans. The move is thought to cool against the news that the number of US veterans seeking to die at a high level, 17 people commit suicide / day.

Veterans are 1.5 times more likely to commit suicide than Americans who have never served in the military. For female veterans, the risk ratio is 2.2 times higher.

From 2007 to 2017, the suicide rate for veterans has increased by nearly 50%.

A report from the US Military Times said that even with government support for medical care, the suicide rate of veterans of the US would increase.

Mr. Bridge said that US veterans could not use the meager pensions to cover the cost of living in the US and they gradually moved to other countries to settle. Southeast Asia is an ideal place.

Although American veterans have served the war in many Southeast Asian countries and returned in failure, they still come back here because of the difficult life in their homeland.

Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for many Americans will evoke memories and images of violence and perhaps a place they do not want to return. However, many veterans and retirees in the US visit Southeast Asia and more and more people decide to settle here.

The author Bridge said that Southeast Asian countries have many health care points with affordable prices, cheap rents and increasing living standards.

The author tells the story of the character “John” who has lived in Ho Chi Minh City for 5 years, married a Vietnamese friend who was a classmate in the University. According to the American man, the number of foreigners, especially Americans, has increased in Vietnam since he moved here.

Many Americans are veterans, many are retired employees who want an adventurous life when they come to Vietnam and at first did not think of this place as a place to stay. But then they made another choice.

My army is located in My, looking to Dong Nam A
Many American veterans in Vietnam are returning to live here. Artwork: Robert Bridge

“Not only is Vietnamese extremely friendly, but food, rent and public services such as health care are extremely reasonable,” said John, “adding that you can never leave. off the beautiful beaches here “.

American journalist said that, for many US veterans, their return in Vietnam brings lessons. They will ask themselves a simple question: after all the sacrifices on both sides of the war, the survivors receive no heroic welcome, not to mention they still face the alienation of society.

Meanwhile, thousands of these veterans still suffered physical and psychological impacts when they fought, but were ultimately unable to receive the minimum amount of medical care in their home countries.

Will future generations of Americans learn from this tragedy? If there is a lesson to teach Americans, it is “sowing the wind”.

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