Israel's F-16 made a mistake, almost shot down by Syrian air defense

Israel’s F-16 made a mistake, almost shot down by Syrian air defense

(News 24h) – The Israeli Air Force’s F-16 made a serious mistake in the latest attack on Syrian territory, causing it to almost be shot down.

The pilot of at least one Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter jet, during the last airstrike on Syria’s Hama province, made a very serious mistake, flying to an uncontrolled height to strike. fairness small diameter glider bomb GBU-39.

The mistake is that at high altitude, the Israeli light multipurpose fighter has become the ideal target for Syria’s S-200 and S-300 air defense systems – its probability of a successful shootdown is up to 90 – 95%.

According to the Syrian news agency SANA, night-time airstrikes were carried out by Israeli fighters from almost maximum distance, however the F-16 had to climb to great altitude to throw. bombs flew to maximum distance of 100 – 110 km.

At that time, the aircraft had entered the radar of both the Syrian air defense system and the radar of the S-400 Triumf complex of the Russian Army, but it is unclear for what reason the Syrian Army did not launch a destroyer missile.

Israel's F-16 has committed wrongdoing, and has stopped Syria from banning
The Israeli F-16 has entered the radar of Syrian and Russian air defense systems?

However, one of the circumstances that caused the Syrian Army’s S-300s to “silence a little” was that the Israeli F-16 was in the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, however, a source in Syria. local senior servicemen were quoted as saying that early warning radars were not operational.

In addition, the whereabouts of the Bavar-373 long-range air defense missile complexes, which were dispatched by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards to the Lebanese border to “pick up” Israeli fighters, are not clear. It is believed that because of disappointment with its weapons features, Tehran is urgently looking to buy the S-400 instead.

Currently, the media know that as a result of the Israeli attacks, three civilians were killed – one of the planned bombs hit a residential building causing serious casualties.

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