Israel's declaration when the F-35I appeared in Lebanon

Israel’s declaration when the F-35I appeared in Lebanon

The statement of Chagai Tzuriel, leader of the Israeli intelligence force, made the first time the stealth fighter F-35I was flying low and was recorded while flying in Lebanese airspace – an area close to the Syrian border.

Tzuriel said the country is more optimistic than ever to force Iran’s forces out of Syria. According to him, Moscow sees Iran’s presence in the region as a potential threat to Russia’s strategy and interests.

Recruitment of Israel when the F-35I appeared in Lebanon
F-35I fighters flying low range in Lebanese airspace.

“In my opinion, Russia wants to stabilize and secure its achievements in Syria. They understand that if Iran continues to move as it is, tensions will escalate and ruin its plans. Russia, “said Tzuriel.

Israel has long declared that it will not allow Iran to be permanently stationed in Syria, and Russia is key in its plan to stop Tehran. But according to Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qasemi, Tehran will continue to have its army stationed in Syria at the request of the Damascus government.

“No one can force Iran to do anything. Iran has its own policy,” Mr. Bahram said.

He also affirmed that Iran continues to stay in Syria because the war here is no longer a proxy war and the withdrawal of foreign troops from Syria is not Iran’s business, it must be the US and Turkey.

The spokesman also confirmed that the country’s military went to Syria to fight terrorism at the request of the Damascus government. “If the Syrian government finds it necessary, we will continue to stay there,” Qasemi said.

In the current Syrian politics, Russia and Iran are the two forces invited by the government of President Bashar al-Assad to help the fight against terrorism. Iran has had a military presence in Syria since at least 2012 and this gives Tehran a strong advantage over Syria.

When working jointly between Iran and Syria, Tehran has many advantages to combine forces and maintain influence here. Therefore, Mr. Qasemi stressed that whether Iran will withdraw its forces from Syria or not is a matter between Tehran and Damascus.

The statements by Iran and Israel are quite clear and it is almost certain that Tel Aviv’s airstrikes against Iranian forces in Syria are likely to continue in the near future.

And instead of using the F-15I or F-16I as before, the F-35I stealth fighter is likely to be used by Israel. This is the reason why this line of jets has appeared continuously near the Syrian border in recent days.

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