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Israel's 1st Air Force after '5 years of pregnancy' is about to debut

Israeli Air Force One. Photo: RT

RT (Russia) said Israel plans to use the Boeing 767-300ER for President and Prime Minister for use on foreign trips.

This Israeli Air Force will have its first test flight on November 3 at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. In fact, Israel set up a test flight for Air Force One on October 31 but the aircraft had a problem with the brakes so it could not take off.

While running on the runway, this part of the Boeing 767-300ER tire was emitting smoke and the emergency response unit was immediately dispatched. According to local media, the situation was handled and there were no casualties in the incident.

Below is a video about the Israeli Air Force One (source: RT)

Netanyahu ordered the production of the Boeing 767-300ER – the first Israeli Air Force – five years ago. Since then, the cost of creating this aircraft has been continuously priced. Over the years, the cost of the Air Force project has doubled, from an estimated $ 77 million to $ 164 million.

However, the cost is expected to continue to increase due to expensive furniture. According to the Israeli Space Industry Agency (IAI), when operational, the Boeing 767-300ER is capable of flying non-stop to China, Japan, the United States or Brazil.

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