Israeli expert: The Taliban will launch a major attack on Central Asia

Israeli expert: The Taliban will launch a major attack on Central Asia

The Israeli political scientist and former head of the Nativ task force, Jacob Kedmi, predicted the Taliban invasion from Afghanistan into the Central Asian republics. Before that, representatives of the Taliban movement may soon take control of the entire territory of Afghanistan.

Kedmi made the above comment on the radio program “Direct Contact” of Vladimir Solovyov, an expert who believes that after the withdrawal of US and NATO troops, no force in Afghanistan will be able to prevent the Taliban from taking full control. full control of this country.

Although a truce may be established for a short period of time in some areas, it is certain that after that, Talinban will still overwhelm Afghan territory.

Expert Kedmi notes that there are too many peoples and tribes living in this country – Pashtuns, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Hazaras. Therefore, only an extreme religious dictatorship like the Taliban is able to unify Afghanistan. In many ways, the organization is similar to “Islamic State”, although there are conflicts between the two.

Israeli expert:Taliban will finally return to Central Asia
Israeli political scientist and military expert – Mr. Jacob Kedmi

When they capture Afghanistan, the Taliban will not stop but will move on to neighboring countries. To the south lies a rather strong Pakistan, while to the west is the Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran, the eastward road to China barricaded by impenetrable mountains.

Thus, the most likely route the Taliban can take to success is the post-Soviet republics of Central Asia. If the above scenario happens, there will be a threat of spreading the seeds of terrorists to Russia.

Based on this, expert Jacob Kedmi believes that Moscow should help Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the two leading countries in preventing the Taliban from expanding into Central Asia.

In fact, Russia is currently also increasing its forces to its military base 201 on Tajikistan, Moscow said it is ready to play a larger role in ensuring regional security. However, according to the assessment, confronting dangerous forces like the Taliban is never an easy task.

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