Israel prepares to launch ground campaign against Palestine?

Israel prepares to launch ground campaign against Palestine?

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on since May 11. The sides continuously attacked each other with rockets and artillery. So far, the Israeli military has used more than 160 aircraft and artillery to attack Hamas positions. In the past three days, at least 1,800 rockets and artillery shells have been fired into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip.

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Hamas forces continue to launch missile attacks on Israeli territory.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army is preparing its forces to attack the Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv has mobilized 14,000 troops to conduct ground operations against Palestine. Currently, the Israeli military continues to respond to attacks from the Palestinian side with air force and artillery.

The Israeli military press service said that it is not yet time to use ground forces, but they are now ready to fight. The Israeli military press service also urged civilians to stay in shelters and not leave safe places. And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas forces will pay a heavy price for their actions.

Israel’s Defense Minister Beni Gantz also stated that the Israeli army will continue to conduct missile and artillery attacks on Hamas targets until the attacks stop. If necessary, the Israeli military will conduct a ground operation to wipe out Hamas forces.

The British television channel Sky News Arabia reported that, last night, the Israeli army continued to use rockets, bombs, phosphorus bullets and attacked all areas of the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, last night Hamas launched hundreds of rockets at the Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod. Hamas carried out this attack in response to the Israeli military’s attack on the Gaza Strip, which left Palestinian civilians and soldiers dead and severely damaged infrastructure.

Previously, the escalation of tension in the Gaza Strip began on May 11. The situation was exacerbated by riots near the Al-Aqsa mosque, which injured more than 700 Palestinians. The Israeli authorities have decided to ban Muslims from entering the church during the Jerusalem Day procession.

Since then, the two warring sides have continuously attacked each other. The head of medical forces in the Gaza Strip said that the attacks had killed about 109 soldiers and Israelis. Meanwhile, an Israeli source said that only five Israelis were killed, including one soldier, and more than 200 others were injured.

The Palestinian attacks are also seen as a test of Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system. Although this defense system is very advanced and equipped with modern technology, it was not able to intercept all the missiles from Hamas forces, resulting in the deaths of soldiers and civilians.

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