Israel launches the world's first cybersecurity network

Israel launches the world’s first cybersecurity network

Social networks are having more and more profound impacts on all aspects of life, including the field of network security and security. The Israeli National Administration of Electronics (INCD) recently launched the world’s first cybersecurity social networking platform, designed to facilitate security professionals, IT staff, and people alike. use common to easily share information related to cyber attacks, improve security knowledge as well as call for assistance to protect companies, organizations and individuals from any malicious agents. come on.

“Cybernet is” the world’s first cyber-security network, “a place to share cyber-attacks reports safely and reliably to deal with any threat from when they appear. ”, INCD representative said.

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Cybernet was developed in collaboration with INCD with leading Israeli companies and organizations, as well as domestic and international online communities. Although newly launched, this social networking platform now has the presence of more than 1,000 cybersecurity professionals, analysts, researchers and information security managers. It is built like a normal social network, where each user owns a “profile” profile and can post information, even anonymously.

Users can also get instant information on cyber attacks that have been happening near us and in Israel in general. The shared information also helps members check whether the attack can affect their organization, and what needs to be done to prevent it as soon as possible.

In addition, Cybernet also allows users to access reports and alerts, receive updates on major security events around the world, attend internal discussion and discussion groups, view trial reports. cyber security breaches of organizations and more. Important security reports will be forwarded to the INCD emergency computer incident center, and from there to the related companies.

With the current situation of global cyber security situation becoming increasingly complex, platforms like Cybernet will play an extremely useful role, need to be replicated around the world.


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