Israel operates a campaign for the COVID-19 vaccine at the camera 1People in Israel are vaccinated against COVID-19. (Photo: Flash90)

According to the Vietnam News Agency reporter in Israel, in the face of the slowdown in the number of people who registered for the vaccine for acute respiratory infections, COVID-19, the government of this country on February 13 launched the vaccination campaign. Mobile at the workplace, for the time being, will be deployed in large corporations with a large number of employees.

This is a joint initiative launched by the Manufacturers’ Association, the Ministry of Health and the Rescue Department under the Israel Defense Ministry and implemented by the National Emergency Medical Service Agency (MDA), to facilitate The most convenient for employees of companies who want to vaccinate COVID-19.

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The initiative is called “Jab on the Job”, under which MDA will set up vaccination stations. mobile. Among the first companies to join are the Israeli branches of many multinational corporations such as HP, Osem Nestle, Flex, SodaStream, Unilever and Elbit System.

One of Israel’s four largest medical groups, Maccabi, is also running a COVID-19 vaccination campaign for large domestic companies, such as Israeli aerospace industry company, Rafael defense company, Isracard finance company, Direct Insurance …

Some experts think that the injection initiative Vaccine in Workplace This will give a new boost to the slowing COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Israel, as there are still many people who need to be vaccinated have not yet registered. Since its inauguration in late December 2020, about 3.7 million Israelis have been vaccinated, accounting for nearly 40% of the population, of which about 2.3 million have completed both shots. ./.

Vu Hoi (VNA / Vietnam +)