Israel attacked as soon as the Iranian ballistic missile reached Syria

Israel attacked as soon as the Iranian ballistic missile reached Syria

A few days ago, Iranian military transport planes made a large number of flights to Hmeimim airbase. According to some assumptions, the goods Tehran supplied to Syria could be short-range ballistic missiles.

However, this weapon may not be used against Israel, but against pro-Turkish jihadists, the Syrian government army will use them to launch an attack on the hideout. commanding the battlefield, arsenal …

In the past, Iranian jets did not fly to Hmeimim airbase, but used Damascus International Airport. But because of the Israeli attack, Tehran decided to send weapons through Russia’s military airport because they knew Tel Aviv would definitely not attack.

Since the beginning of this month, Iran has actively participated in the fight against jihadists in northern and northwestern Syria, using its drones for this. However, if Iran decides to choose to use short-range ballistic missiles, the jihadist rebels could face huge losses.

It should be noted that there has been no official comment from Tehran on a series of mysterious flights to Hmeimim airbase, and there is no guarantee if a ballistic missile sent by Iran to Syria will not target the category. pepper on the Golan Heights currently occupied by Israel.

Israel dissipated as soon as the name of the Iranian knife to Syria
Multi-purpose fighter F-15I Ra’am of the Israeli Air Force

According to the latest news, Israel launched another missile strike on Syria.

Syria’s state news agency SANA said that the bombardment occurred in the western suburbs of Damascus, the most likely target was the storage of the missiles that Iran had brought.

SANA added that Israeli missiles were launched from the Golan Heights. The Syrian air defense forces again claimed to intercept most of the missiles in the skies over Damascus, but admitted that several rounds were hit and loud explosions were heard on the outskirts of the city.

There is currently no explanation from the Israeli side of the airstrike on the suburbs of Damascus and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has traditionally not commented on its actions on Syrian territory.

Previously, Tel Aviv explained that the airstrikes against Syria were aimed at destroying modern weapons, not letting pro-Iranian armed groups like Hezbollah, fight on the side of President Bashar al-Assad. .

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