Israel-Arab peace deal stays strong despite Hamas rift

Israel-Arab peace deal stays strong despite Hamas rift

Within a week after Hamas launched a large-scale missile attack on Israeli civilians and the Israeli military responded, no Arab country has withdrawn from the Abrahamic Agreements that the Arab States signed with Israel in 2020 to normalize diplomatic relations.

US President Trump, Bahraini Foreign Minister Dr Zayani, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Al Nahani signed the “Abraham Agreement” on September 15, 2020. (Source: White House / Shealah Craighead).

According to the Breitbart website, on May 16, last September, US President Donald Trump received the leaders of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain at the White House and held the signing ceremony of the Abraham Agreement. normalize relations with the Jewish state of Israel. Later, Sudan, Morocco and the Muslim state of Kosovo also signed a normalization agreement with Israel.

The Abrahamic Agreements do not address Palestine and the Palestinians do not cease to incite anti-Israel sentiment throughout the region and around the world, but the agreement has so far remained.

On May 15, the UAE warned the terrorist Hamas government in Gaza that it could not maintain peace in the Gaza Strip, jeopardizing the planned joint infrastructure project. This move by the UAE shows that the Arab kingdom remains committed to peace with Israel under the agreement signed last year.

The Times of Israel reported that a UAE official who did not wish to be named told Israel’s BusinessWorld newspaper: “We remain prepared and ready to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority to advance the civilian project [ở Gaza] under the management of the United Nations, but our necessary condition is that everything must remain peaceful”; “If Hamas does not promise to completely implement peace, then their calculation is to make the people of the Gaza Strip live in misery. Their leaders must understand that their policies are first and foremost harming the people of Gaza themselves.”

Similarly, on May 15, the Palestinian Authority complained that although several Western leaders including US President Biden had reached out to help, during the fighting did not no Arab leaders have been in contact with them, suggesting that it is the Palestinian leadership that has closed itself off in hostility, not the Israeli side. Since the defeat in an internal power competition with Hamas and in 2007, the Palestinian Authority has only controlled the West Bank.

Many airlines including two based in the UAE have canceled flights to Israel while the fighting continues, the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation has criticized Israel, in The most prominent are Iran and Turkey. Meanwhile, on May 16, a Lebanese official was quoted as pointing out that the Iranian-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah does not want to widen the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Despite their criticism of Israel, the countries that have signed agreements with the Jewish state have not reversed the course they have set since last year. Even many people in Arab countries realize that it is the Islamic extremist terrorist group supported by Iran that is the common threat to peace and security in the Middle East region.

Critics of former President Trump say the recent violence shows that his Middle East peace efforts have failed or made things worse. But the Arab countries that have reached peace with Israel maintain their relations, a fact that shows that despite Hamas’s efforts to undermine the Abrahamic Agreement, it is at least for now. guaranteed.

Thanh Dung, Vision Times

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