Is Xing Fei really "not idle"? Muffled without an official announcement of 2 new dramas, the partner male lead is too satisfied!

Is Xing Fei really “not idle”? Muffled without an official announcement of 2 new dramas, the partner male lead is too satisfied!

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The sweet pet drama “My Little Fortune” starring Xing Fei and Tang Xiaotian recently, I believe everyone is chasing it. Xing Fei’s performance is obvious to all. It is undoubtedly an “oxygen girl”, especially when she laughs, it is not cured. In fact, such a sweet girl is pretty hard. Then, let’s take a look together, Xing Fei really “cannot be idle”? Silently announces 2 new dramas, the male lead partner is too satisfied!

Anyone who knows will know that Xing Fei is not so happy as on the surface, she has been used to all kinds of hardship since she was a child. Therefore, Fei Xing attaches great importance to the profession of actor. It is precisely because of this that she will ask herself to a high standard and try a variety of different styles. Through her efforts, everyone has given her a great affirmation.

Now she has transformed into a well-known artist who can be alone. Although Fei Xing is only famous now, she believes that her talents and efforts can be more fully displayed in the near future. That’s all about Xiaobian Xing Fei. Let’s take a look at Xing Fei’s new drama. I heard that the male protagonists are everyone’s “old acquaintances”!

The first part: “Yue Zhao Ji”

Let’s take a look with everyone. The costume sweet pet drama “Yue Zhao Ji” starring Xing Fei and Xu Kaicheng, this drama has just started recently, and many friends don’t know it yet. We can see that the actor who worked with Fei Xing this time is also not bad. Whether it is modern or ancient costume, it can be perfectly controlled, and the heroine Xing Fei is also full of CP feeling!

Of course, if the leading role is excellent, the plot naturally cannot be left behind. I believe everyone will be very interested in this drama. It mainly revolves around “marriage first, love later”. The heroine is forced to pretend to be unmarried couples and steal the bells with the hero. At this time it surfaced. The plot is relatively satisfactory.

Part 2: “Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard”

After that, let’s take a look at the sweet pet drama “Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard” starring Xing Fei and Ren Jialun. It has been a while since this drama has been announced by officials, and the attention and popularity will naturally not be low. Moreover, the male director of the play, Jia Lun, is also an old acquaintance of everyone, and he played many impressive roles during his debut. When partner Xing Fei was also CP feeling bursting.

The plot of the play is also very interesting, and has a different change from the popular sweet pet play. The play tells the story of the male protagonist who is unable to have joy, anger, sorrow and joy due to an accident; the female protagonist is a young girl full of positive energy who meets the male protagonist unexpectedly, allowing them to heal each other. Finally, the story of secretly coming together in the day and night.


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