Is this Porsche 911 GTS prototype hiding a big secret?

Is this Porsche 911 GTS prototype hiding a big secret?

The GT3 is not the only new 911 that Porsche is developing. While Porsche has teased the upcoming launch of the new race-focused 911 GT3, this is not the only new 911 (992) variant it is developing. As the prototype spy photos show, the Porsche 911 GTS is returning to the new generation.

Located between the Carrera S and GT3, the GTS is a popular addition to the 911 family, with greater power than the Carrera S while focusing on the road rather than the GT3 toy. This 911 GTS prototype being spotted by our spy photographers during testing is practically nude and without camouflage, so it is almost ready for production. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the new 911 GTS tested, this prototype may be hiding some new secrets.

On the surface, it has been revealed, but inside is a different story. Curiously, Porsche has completely covered the dashboard although the design will be carried over from the current 911 Carrera and 911 Turbo. This indicates that Porsche has begun work on the 992 sports car.

Our sources claim that the refreshed 911 will adopt a new dashboard design inspired by the Taycan, with a 16.8-inch curved digital display, a 10.9 touch screen. inch for infotainment and a separate 8.4-inch screen to control functions like in-car wind control. It’s likely that Taycan’s digital display will switch to 992, but nothing is official yet.

On the outside, the 911 GTS will be distinguished by the center wheel and black contour. As for the powertrain, the previous 911 GTS was powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine that produces 444 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque, 30 hp more than the Carrera S. 992 Carrera S. currently, on the other hand, has 443 hp, so we expect the new GTS to have increased capacity by around 470 hp compared to under the GT3.

The new Porsche 911 GTS is expected to launch this summer, but the 992 could still go on for a few more years as development is clearly in the early stages.



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