Is there a cure for dengue?

Is there a cure for dengue?

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Dengue is a disease caused by a virus and is identified as one of the main public health problems in the world. Transmitted by mosquito Aedes aegypti, which develops in tropical and subtropical areas, it still has no cure because there are no vaccines capable of preventing it, but in 95% of dengue cases, patients recover well.

  • Medicines to relieve dengue symptoms

  • Dengue has a cure

  • Symptoms of dengue

  • Treatment of hemorrhagic dengue

  • Complications of dengue

Medicines to relieve dengue symptoms

The most effective remedy against dengue pain is paracetamol, which does not interfere with blood clotting and does not increase the risk of bleeding. On the other hand, acetylsalicylic acid and dipyrone should be avoided in the case of dengue.

Dengue has a cure

The answer is no, as there is no specific treatment to combat the disease-causing agent. There is still no vaccines for dengue, since the four different serotypes of the virus make it difficult to create a preventive medicine. However, with the intake of plenty of water and rest it is possible to recover well from classic dengue.

Symptoms of dengue

Dengue can be confused with a simple flu, causing headaches, in the body and high fever. For those who have had dengue once, the symptoms can accompany hemorrhagic dengue, which is lethal in some cases and requires urgent medical care.

Treatment of hemorrhagic dengue

Hemorrhagic dengue should be treated with the use of serum directly into the vein and medications to stop bleeding and increase platelets. Blood tests should be repeated initially every 15 minutes to check the patient’s condition, which discharged 48 hours after the fever is over.

Complications of dengue

In some cases, dengue can damage the liver, causing hepatitis. If the situation develops, it may even be necessary to have a liver transplant.

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