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Is the UK entering the second ‘COVID-19’ wave? | World

Facing the aforementioned risk, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to have to re-activate a number of stringent broad-based preventive measures from next week, including tightening the ‘6-person rule’ to limit the maximizing unnecessary crowding and forcing restaurants to close earlier than scheduled hours or only pick up guests for a period of time to limit the spread of the SARS virus -CoV-2.

“We are seeing waves right now [COVID-19] The second appeared in France, in Spain, all over Europe and I am afraid that the UK is likely to be unavoidable… ”, said Mr. Johnson during his business trip in Oxfordshire County.

However, schools in the UK will still function properly after Mr. Johnson emphasized that maintaining class sizes should be considered ‘a national priority’ for the time being. The 55-year-old prime minister also denied that Britain would have a second ‘seclusion’ because it would be a disaster for the national economy if that happened.

“We want to keep our schools open and that will happen. At the same time we will strive to keep all parts of the economy open to the fullest extent possible. As a result, I don’t think the British people will want a second national blockade, ”said Mr. Johnson.

Prior to that, the entire Midlands region, part of the Northwest region of England and Yorkshire county with a total population of about 13.5 million people (1/5 of the UK population) had been undergoing social isolation to reduce the infection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the authorities in these areas are allowed to tighten the prevention measures depending on the local situation.

According to data from the British National Bureau of Statistics (ONS), yesterday (September 18), the country recorded 4,322 cases of COVID-19, continuing to ‘break the record’ of the previous week with more than 3,000 people infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus for one day and was the highest number since May.

Chart of COVID-19 cases in the UK from the beginning of the year. Source: British Government-BBC.

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