Is the new 'death virus' in China strong spread?

Is the new ‘death virus’ in China strong spread?

(News 24h) – Russian medical expert said that it is unlikely that this virus will spread widely, because the infected foci are located in a country.

Around the series of SFTS virus causing 7 deaths, 60 people infected in China, on August 10, the website Sputnik quoted a famous Russian virus scientist – Ms. Evgenia Tarasova predicted the possibility of spreading the disease.

“It is unlikely that this virus will spread widely, because the infection is located in one country,” explained expert Tarasova.

The virologist emphasizes that the existing quarantine measures and the closure of the border help to minimize the possibility of spread.

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A tick studied at the parasitic laboratory. Photo: Sputnik

The specialized medical agency of Russia has also stated that in this country there are no cases of acute fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome.

Russian experts confirmed that it is possible to recognize this disease and when it is necessary to be able to fight the spread of the disease. Prestigious virologist Anatoly Altstein added that there is no fear of this outbreak.

It is known that SFTS virus is not a new virus. China first recorded this virus in 2009 and isolated the pathogen in 2011, it belongs to the Bunya virus group.

Virologists believe that the SFTS virus has been transmitted to humans through the bite of the tick, and it is possible that the virus could also be transmitted from person to person.

Dr. Sheng Jifang of a hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University said that it is impossible to rule out the possibility of transmitting the SFTS virus from person to person and that patients can spread the disease to others through blood or mucus.

Chinese doctors warn that being bitten by a tick is a significant path of disease, but everyone should take precautions, not be too afraid of the virus spread.

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