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Is the iPhone Pro a missing piece in the Apple product range?

If entering Apple Store in 2007, you will see a clear difference between MacBook 13 inch plastic case and MacBook Pro 15 inch high-end aluminum case. One side is for consumers with moderate work needs and limited financial capacity. "Pro" products serve professional audiences that require superior strength and elegant design.

Iphone still the "golden egg" of Apple. Image: Mashable.

The release of the 13-inch MacBook Pro in 2009 erases the boundary after just one night, and makes the "Pro" meaningless.

However, with the new Mac Pro, the true "Pro" name is for real professionals, which requires huge workloads, such as 3D graphics, software design, etc. can use up to 28 core chips or 1.5 TB RAM, while users usually need only a mini Mac.

Looking at the overall picture, we see Apple is applying a "universal and professional" strategy for the whole product. These include iMac with iMac Pro, Macbook and MacBook Pro, or iPad with iPad Pro.

How much does the iPhone Pro have in the Apple phone? picture 2
Mac Pro offers a different experience for professional users. Image: Forbes.

The only thing missing is a smartphone called iPhone Pro. Phone sales are horizontal so this is the perfect time to provide some special features for the iPhone, thereby easily increasing product prices.

Steve Jobs will approve the project?

Back in Apple in 1997, Steve Jobs witnessed a chaotic scene. The company sells too many products that confuse users.

In order to save Apples, Steve Jobs is ready to remove a series of names and draw a chart that simplifies the areas to focus on.

He believes that every product line can be divided into two groups: universal and professional. The device must be in one of those groups, or not.

How much does the iPhone Pro have in the Apple phone? picture 3
iPad also has Pro line for users to choose. Image: Apple Insider.

Obviously, a popular product will not be as powerful and expensive as the professional group. Today, most Apple devices fit the Jobs chart. If you don't need the highest performance, just choose a cheaper version without the "Pro".

It's time to launch iPhone Pro

Apple's latest iPhone series is iPhone XR and iPhone XS / XS Max. iPhone XR with LCD screen, single rear camera, lack of 3D Touch can be considered "universal" product and iPhone XS / XS Max with OLED screen, dual camera, 3D Touch, stainless steel frame is a device "Pro".

But both are still not different enough because they all use Bionic A12 chips. Strangely, the iPhone XR has a longer battery life than iPhone XS / XS Max.

How much does the iPhone Pro have in the Apple phone? picture 4
iPhone Pro can help Apple solve many difficult problems. Image: Hasan Kaymak.

If you want to conquer professional users, Apple will have to develop the iPhone Pro line. It's great if the iPhone Pro comes with a more powerful chip, more RAM, a smaller screen, Touch ID below the screen (along with Face ID), extra rear lens, Night Sight mode as Pixel 3, super wide angle selfie camera or improved battery life …

A phone with many advanced features may not be necessary for ordinary users, but professional people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy if they meet the demand.

Apples are rumored to be equipped with the third ultra-wide lens for iPhone 2019. That's still not enough to meet expectations, instead, the company needs to launch the iPhone Pro to make a clear difference between versions. With such improvements, Apple easily "screams" on USD 1,000 for Pro models without making the crowd scream.


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