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Is the future of Nintendo Switch playing in the cloud?

We are on the cusp of great changes. In a few weeks, Sony and Microsoft will launch their new systems, two very powerful bikes that should, at least technically, bring the Switch back to the Stone Age.. Anyway, that’s what it looks like from here. And indeed, it is difficult not to draw parallels between this situation and that of another Big N machine as the present situation differs from it.

Remember! A console that favored non-players, a bike much less powerful than its competitors, a system that ended up abandoned in a corner of the living room to collect dust if it did not end up purely and simply on sale on the Bon Coin or in shops. flea markets… Of course, the comparison is neither subtle nor elegant, we are talking about the Wii.

This machine, more than 10 years ago, hit the headlines by shattering all the records of the time and that’s about all it did. Because yes, if hardware sales were crazy for a while, apart from Nintendo games, few titles have seen fame on this machine. Consequently, the console was quickly shunned by publishers and then buyers who let go of the machine or turned to more lively media.

Suddenly, if the Wii and the Switch are different on many points, in particular in terms of communication from Nintendo which took another great lesson with the Wii U, how to prevent the hybrid console from ending up following the same fate, The console’s selling points (especially the ability to play many games anywhere) are enough to keep up with the power of the new “competitors”. What if we asked ourselves another question: What if the future of Nintendo Switch was in the clouds ?

Switch - Control Ultimate Edition Switch

Before tackling this question, let’s take a look at the current landscape. As of today, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series are about to be released, packing in their shimmering shells unparalleled power in home gaming. On the Nintendo side, we always play at the dinette.

If we have been able to observe efforts in terms of mature titles (and we are not talking about the daring apps that even Sony sulks), many of these titles come from the recycling of the catalogs of the PS3 or the Xbox 360 … Impossible to imagine the latest Avengers game on the machine. Scarlet Nexus? Impossible. Dragon Ball Kakarot? Goku will look elsewhere for the crystal balls! And let’s not talk about Final Fantasy XVI! Unless … if it comes to using the cloud

The cloud? While the publisher struggles to have decent internet service? Is this a joke?Honestly, it could be, but Nintendo’s latest speech, a little more talkative lately, seems to indicate that this is the path the publisher wants to take.

Indeed, this Thursday, during its Direct dedicated to partners, the firm announced a Switch version of Control: Ultimate Edition, available at the end of the broadcast on the shelves of the online store. To download: a simple initialization file that allows you to launch a demo of the game running (or not) thanks to the power of the cloud.

And the result is quite convincing. According to our test on this short demo phase, the title runs wonderfully and the console has nothing more to do than display what servers are doing for it: run the game. sluggish, you can even prioritize performance over graphics to keep the action fun to watch.

And this is not the first attempt by Nintendo or other publishers in terms of cloud gaming on the console. We remind you that in the Land of the Rising Sun, players too lazy to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or Resident Evil 7 on PlayStation 4 or PC can run it on their hybrid console screen! And these are also services that we have tried! The offer holds up.

An offer that should not be long in supporting itself since the Nintendo Direct in which Control: Ultimate Edition appeared also announced the imminent arrival of Hitman 3 on the bike and that since, even the remake of Resident Evil 3 has appeared in rumor.

So, could the cloud be Nintendo’s answer to fight against the technical obsolescence of its console or while waiting for a successor to the Switch? That’s what we believe… Indeed, the manufacturer has never hidden its desire to capitalize on its machine in the long term.

With the cloud, not only does he buy time to develop his next console and plan its release, but he can continue to offer recent and greedy games without worrying about the ability of his console to run them. Who knows ! If the experiment proves successful, we could even end up seeing Resident Evil 8 on the bike!

Switch - Resident Evil 7 comparaison des versions Switch et Xbox One
This photo stings a bit. Comparison of the Xbox One and Switch versions of Resident Evil 7. When the cloud could be used a little better. (Youtube images from @ Cycu1)

Finally, that, before it happens, there are many factors to take into account and, sorry for the little, not the least. Let us ask you a question: would you be willing to invest in a limited time game, with no guarantee that you will still be able to play it within a few months ? This is indeed the main question raised by this process: will the customers follow?

For that, sadly, at the moment, nothing is guaranteed. Indeed, if the returns give food and drink, we can well recognize that the formula is struggling to convince and it is not a 10-minute demo that will help sell licenses …

Yes, for a “new” process, it would have been wiser for the editors to allow players to try Control for at least a little longer than 10 minutes (our first try barely allowed us to recover the weapon and not even to use it…). How can we feel reassured at the idea of ​​investing 40 € (an affordable price) for a game for which we do not have the rights and which could be withdrawn from us at any time?

We would have almost forgotten, but since you need a substantial internet connection to play games, with the cloud, we undoubtedly cancel the main interest of the Switch: that of playing anywhere.

Finally, if your understanding of “anywhere” is limited to the door of your apartment, you should be fine, but it will be impossible for you to play in public transport, in a waiting room or at grandma’s house in Lozère (if it doesn’t have internet). In short, we feel that the service is in “finicky” mode, while waiting for concrete feedback from the beneficiaries, to be continued …

Switch - Poster Hitman 3

If we think the cloud is a solution that could allow the Switch to survive while the succession arrives, what do you think? Have you tested this demo version of Control? Has she convinced you? Do you practice cloud gaming on other media? Share your opinion / feedback with us in the comments.


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