How does the larger wheel size affect the ability to operate the vehicle? Should the tires be bigger? These are frequently asked questions of those who start to intend to make bigger tires for their pet.

The large tire size, also known as the fat wheel for the car, is a very popular trend of motorcycle enthusiasts, especially large motorcycles, but many people still do not understand about the influence on the ability of the vehicle to operate at such an elevation.

Tires are the direct contact between the vehicle and the road, its task is to create friction to help the car grip the road so that it can operate stably as well as help the car stop quickly whenever Use the brake. Choosing a good pair of tires must be based on a lot of factors, including three key factors: tire material, tire pattern and tightness when fitted with rim.


The material that makes the tire determines 70% of the traction of the tire, 20% is the tread pattern and the remaining 10% is the grip on the rim. Tire material is usually a form of synthetic rubber with relatively good elasticity and elasticity. With soft tires often have optimal grip, very good friction, but very quickly worn and have to replace a lot. The speed of the car when installing this tire is almost relative, while hard tires can help the car achieve higher speeds, longer wear and lighter but less grip force than soft tires.


The actual size of large tires should only be done after choosing the right tire. Often car manufacturers have fully calculated the operating conditions as well as the needs of each target market to ensure maximum safety for users. Due to hobbies or needs, the tire suddenly became a trend, especially this trend is very developed in Vietnam.

Larger tires increase grip, increase the vehicle’s appearance and reduce some of the small costs that some original tires cannot make. However, the large tire also has certain disadvantages.


The large tires cause the car to load an extra 20 to 35% larger steam, which increases the specific gravity significantly. The increase in wheel size in both diameter and width makes all parameters of the speedometer that the manufacturer has calculated deviated, in some cases it is easy to lead to a speed violation that the owner of the car unaware. Not to mention the large tire also has some disadvantages such as causing the car to be stagnant when accelerating, the rear gripper causes wear on the side or even directly on the chain, causing the chain to slip very dangerous when the car is moving fast.


Some players also upgrade the rim of large displacement vehicles or oversized size with the rear grips to increase the appearance of the vehicle. This not only directly affects the vehicle’s dynamic balance but also poses a risk during operation due to the overall structure being broken. The reason is because the operating errors will be extremely large, not to mention the quality of these accessories is not uniform with the car will cause an accident if accidentally cracked or damaged. These details are very nice but they will reduce the ability to drive, and can put the brakes under a much greater pressure due to increased weight, which will eventually lead to a sudden bundle of brakes dangerous.

The tire also causes the engine to operate 10-20% more load than usual, causing the engine to heat faster, wear bigger and faster to maintain than the original. Some modern vehicles that use homogenous electronic technology will fail if there is no electronic intervention from professional upgrades.


Although the downside is many, but because of aesthetic reasons, many Vietnamese players still defy to make the car more beautiful and bunker. The manufacturer recommends that each vehicle be increased to a maximum of 2 sizes and should not increase the size of the tire diameter to ensure safety and errors do not occur with the original car. At the same time, you need to choose the appropriate distance so that the tire does not touch the chain. You should choose good tires with good technology, high grip and rim.

The beautiful bike is the goal of many people, but it should not affect the stable operation of the car as well as its own safety when operating on the road.


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