Is RO water purifier good?

Is RO water purifier really better than other filtration technologies?

Is RO water purifier good?

On the water filter market today there are 2 main filtration technologies are RO and Nano. Many people still do not know the difference between these 2 types. Today, let’s explore with Phong Vu what RO water purifier is and its advantages, which is suitable for any family.

What is RO water purification technology?

RO technology (REVERSE OSMOSIS) is a modern water filtration technology that helps to remove and prevent harmful substances (dirt, mud, bacteria, …) from water sources. After being filtered, the finished water will be safe, clean and hygienic to drink directly, cook, use in daily life, …

RO technology uses membrane systems with micro filtration slots, from 0.0001 micro meters. With many different filters, RO water purifier filters from visible dust to bacteria, invisible microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye.

What are the advantages of RO water purifier? Is it really better than other filtering technologies?
The more filters the machine has, the higher the level and the filter is clean

The advantages of RO filter

  • Filtering is diversified in source types: Whether you are in urban areas using tap water from water plants or in rural areas using well water, rain water, pond water, etc., you can use RO filter. Even alum water, water contaminated with iron, much calcium, … can be filtered.
  • Can drink directly at the tap: This is a very practical and convenient advantage of the RO. Instead of consuming the kettle, you can always drink the tap water directly. This is also a much more cost-effective option than buying commercially bottled pure water.
  • RO filters can be fitted with water pumps for low water pressure.
  • The cost of replacing filter elements is cheaper and more economical during use.
  • Machine life is rated to be quite high.
What are the advantages of RO water purifier? Is it really better than other filtering technologies?
RO water purifier is suitable for water source in Vietnam

The disadvantages of RO water purifier

  • When operating, noise may be generated. In particular, after a period of use, this noise may be increasingly greater. However, this also depends on the specific machine and product.
  • When filtering the machine will have sewage, not 100%. To avoid wasting, you should take advantage of this waste water to clean the house or water the plants, not throw them away. Although they are wastewater, they are not dirty or toxic, they just cannot be filtered through RO membranes.
  • The filter is clogged quickly, so users must pay attention to cleaning the filter and regular maintenance.
  • Because the RO water purifier runs on electricity, when the house is out of power, it is cut off, it cannot be used.
  • RO filtration technology purifies all types of substances, including minerals, beneficial to health in the water. Meanwhile, the Nano filter retains the natural minerals found in the water.
What are the advantages of RO water purifier? Is it really better than other filtering technologies?
RO filters come in a variety of styles, but most have direct water taps

Should your family use RO water filter?

At present, no other type of filtration technology is optimal or better. Choosing RO or Nano filter or other technology is subject to many unique factors of each family. First, determine what your water source needs to filter. Given the current situation in Vietnam, it is generally preferable to use RO than Nano.

Whether you are in urban or rural, using tap water or well water, it is suitable for RO. Only families who confirm that their tap water has less pollution and are safe should use the Nano water purifier.

What are the advantages of RO water purifier? Is it really better than other filtering technologies?
The water you use on a daily basis may not be clean, so stay alert!

Currently, the market has a variety of RO water purifier products of all price ranges for you to choose to suit your needs. When buying a water purifier, be sure to look to reputable channels like Phong Vu to make sure you buy the right genuine product and have a full warranty!

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