Is PS5 like this? Foreign netizens broke news of the new PS5 patented design

Recently, the foreign forum “4chan” leaked some pictures about the shape of the PS5. It is rumored that these pictures of the PS5 shape are from the patent of the PS5 shape applied by Sony, but there is currently no way to find this so-called “Sony new shape.” patent”.

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According to the leaked outline of 4chan, it can be seen that the new PS5 also adopts an irregular shape design. From the side LOGO part, it can be found that the shape of the new host is very similar to the capital letter “X”. The new shape also shows that the host has: Power key, CD key, CD-ROM drive and 2 USB ports.

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Also on the 4chan forum, a very blurred PS5 real machine photo previously exposed by netizens is very similar to these new patent drawings.

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However, there are many foreign media to rumor, these so-called new PS5 shapes are likely to be generated by PS, because these leaks are too many, if the PS5 is really this shape like the leaked picture, then the new host has such powerful performance. Huge noise and heat can be generated in this body.

At present, more news of the PS5 Sony has not yet announced, the new console will be officially released at the end of 2020.

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