Is phone design obsolete?

Is phone design obsolete?

I wrote this down here, because I feel like I don't like the designs of some of the flagships and phone brands designed this year.

What the screen is all designed is not rabbit ears, then drops of water, there is no change in style at all. In the phone 9/10 new phones launched this year are almost the same design: rabbit ears (for iphone) and water drops (xiaomi + samsung or do).

and I am quite satisfied with the Vsmart live with its screen, full border, very slim chin and compact, even smaller borders than the Iphone. I don't like the design of the rabbit ears + water droplets, it just looks like a defect. Do you use your phone a lot, do you feel like me? It looks awfully ugly, and almost every new phone has the same design as socks, just like the trend!

I agree that the notch design will optimize the screen and the bezel, but just try to watch the Samsung or Iphone when playing full-screen video and show the hole, I don't like it anymore …

Even its chin is thick, the same design as the older ones Iphone, or Vsmart joy 1, without chin, kink or water droplets, it is more beautiful. Look at any newly launched child is a drop of water, too boring! … Without water droplets, there are holes like some high-end samsung.

It doesn't look very delicate, but the Asus zenfone 6 has a completely different design and I appreciate it on this side, only one camera cluster, which can be rotated like the old high-end Oppo series ( I wonder if everyone remembers that?). However, Asus zenfone 6 does not understand why it is no longer sold in Vietnam.

Sony or Asus, both of which rarely follow the trend, point out few, not as many as Xiaomi + samsung to increase sales. But its design and perfection (I mean in terms of performance + camera) are few criticized.

Do people recognize themselves as their own? when going out to the street, I saw that popular phones were all screens of water, or the new Iphone, there was no impression at all, so they were rarely used by people like Vsmart live or Meizu or Asus, Sony will be better. Do you agree with me? (vietdung_mobile)

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