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Is Microsoft interested in buying WB Games from AT&T?

WB Games Most likely will be acquired by giant Microsoft AT&T hands, in addition to Activision, Take-Two and EA after many reports.

After many reports that AT&T will sell WB Games (full name Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), The Information recently revealed that Microsoft is likely to be interested in acquiring the game company, in addition to Activision, Take-Two and EA.

Accordingly, AT&T is said to be trying to achieve $ 4 million from the sale of the game, which includes studios like NetherRealm (which owns Mortal Kombat games, the latest version of which is Mortal Kombat 11), Monolith, Traveller’s Tales and Rocksteady (series of games Batman: Arkham).

WB Games is expected to launch a number of games this summer, including Batman New and RPG titles with themes Harry PotterHowever, it did not appear in any program to replace E3 – which was canceled due to the disease situation.

However, after launching the game Lords of the Ring On recent mobile phones, they seem to have been “stoned” by the internet community.



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