Is “Kad Adventure” hopeful to become the new trump card of Flying Fish Technology 2020?

In November of last year, GameRes posted a review and outlook on the development of Feiyu ’s game business. Among them, it mentioned its PC + mobile dual-platform Roguelike new product “Kacha Adventure Team”.

The Steam version of this brand-new product that has won the “2019 GWB Tencent Game Creative Contest Mobile Games Division Gold Award” has received 81% of praises since its Steam version opened the “Early Access” mode last September.

On January 13th, the “Kacha Adventure Team” mobile game version also started the Android paid file deletion test. As of press time, the TapTap test service had been installed by more than 100,000 people, with a score of 8.3, compared to the appointment The official score of 9.2 is only less than 1 point. This phenomenon can also be seen from the side. Most players think that the game is still in line with expectations after participating in the test.

From “Horsecraft Academy” to “Kacha Expedition Team”, the cards that Feiyu Technology has pinched in their hands have begun to play one by one. Visually, in 2020, it will also become a key year for the renewal of its product chain. From the perspective of game quality, is there any hope for “Kacha Adventure Team” to become a new ace product of Feiyu Technology?

How does Roguelike + DBG + XX balance the fusion of a large number of gameplay elements?

In the early years, Feiyu Technology’s “Defending Radish”, which carried the tripod, has spread all over the country. The playful yet exquisite design and style can be said to have helped its popularity.

This new product “Kacha Expedition Team” can be said to have the same skin and polishing as the “Protect the Radish” in the polishing of the overall skin. The protagonist is designed as a group of fat chickens called “Kacha”, and according to the traditional “Game of Law” in traditional games “And other professional positioning, each chick also has its own unique appearance, supplemented by cute and cute moves, attacks and other dynamics and dynamic effects, set a more light and casual atmosphere tone for the game.

As the game progresses, players will continue to unlock more “clicks”

Not only “click” is modeled around the word “moe”, during the game, you can find that the design styles of various NPCs and monsters are the same. It can be said that its high-quality audiovisual experience is becoming increasingly fierce in the “sensory competition” First of all, the mobile game market has the prerequisite competitiveness to attract players’ experience. After observing the evaluation on TapTap, you can find that most of the players also highly praised the overall style of the product.

In addition to the outstanding “skin look”, what is more worthy of disassembly and analysis in “Kachan Expedition” is its gameplay design that brings together a large number of category elements. Although category fusion or gameplay integration has been common in the current mobile game market, there are actually not many attempts at “cauldron chaos” like “Kacha Adventure Team”.

In the official settings, the core gameplay of “Kad Adventures” is around Roguelike and DeckBuidling, but in the actual experience of GameRes, it is found that the game actually incorporates many turn-based strategy RPGs and placement elements .

The entrance to the gameplay is spread all over the “Main City”.


Rouguelike relies on strong randomness to empower the fun of the game. It is one of the core outlets of the mobile game industry in recent years. Over time, it has gradually gained the favor of more and more players. This is also the “Kacha Adventure Team” One of the main focus directions.

As a product with PVE as the core, the main gameplay of “Kacha Adventure Team” is to “break through the levels”. At present, the levels in the game are divided into battles, dungeons, mysteries, challenges, and not yet open racing, time-limited There are six types of modes. The overall content depth is still considerable, and the Rouguelike elements of the game are mostly integrated into the breakthrough.

Take the battle level (main line) as an example. Each time the player passes the level, he can enter the corresponding number of “clicks” for in-game battles according to the requirements of the level. The matching will also trigger the “fetters” effect. Different groups “click” each perform their duties in the battle and have different uses.

At present, there are not many “clicks” unlocked by GameRes, so the combination is relatively fixed, but I believe that the “grouping” function will be a very important strategic point in the middle and late games.

Each major level consists of N small levels, some of which are selected with Roguelike elements, and players can choose according to their own needs.

In each level, there are many interactive items or NPCs that provide players with different options, and different options will trigger different effects (resources / coins / strength / soul gain or loss, etc.), which is also Roguelike The core manifestation, especially in some difficulty levels, the ability to obtain key skills or relics through options is about whether you can clear the level.

It is worth mentioning that the copy design of many interaction options in the level is very humorous, which is also in line with the relaxed game main tone of “Kad Adventure”.

In addition, there are Roguelike elements such as portals, level themes, quiz events, etc. that are dissolved in various levels. Overall, the Roguelike gameplay of “Kacha Expedition” does not have much breakthrough compared to the design of classic products. But thanks to its extensive and fragmented Roguelike experience, it has greatly enhanced the fun of the game.


DBG, as another focus part of “Kacha Adventure Team”, also has a strong gain on the fun of breakthrough. In this test, the DBG gameplay in the bureau mainly revolves around the two parts of “Kacha” and “Tianjin”.

Different levels equip players with different “Gods”: the goddess in white on the left

The DBG of the “click” is mainly reflected in the “Rising Star”. During the process of passing the level, players will encounter interactive objects such as the “Summoning Egg” and “Rising Star Platform”. By interacting with it, the designated “Click” can be improved. Star, thus unlocking more powerful new skills and weapon attribute bonuses, and choosing different “click” star rises according to preferences or situations has a strategic fun.

The DBG gameplay of the “Tenjin” system has three branches: skills, sacred objects, and guardianship. It is also obtained through scene interaction. Tenjin skills with different qualities and characteristics can provide great help for the battle. Relics and guardianship can bring Different attribute gains.


“God Skill” release effect in battle

Aiming at the future extension design of “Tianjin” DBG, the research and development team also broke the news on TapTap: “In the next test, the Tenjin combination of each map will correspond to 6 main construction ideas. Of course, we also encourage players to find other ways and try more. Some sarcastic routines. “

Turn-Based Strategy RPG:

Roguelike + DBG’s “Golden Partner” combination has been fully applied in well-known products such as “Killing Spire” and “Night of the Full Moon”, and “Kachan Expedition” standing on the shoulders of giants combines the characteristics of its own products At present, the design of these two modules seems to be more perfect, so is there a more eye-catching breakthrough point?

For a long time, the Chinese translation of DBG in the broadest sense is “card construction”, but “Kacha Adventure Team” did not take the road of card battle like “predecessors”, but chose a closer to “turn-based strategy” “RPG” combat system design method, which also brings more unique fun to the game.

However, compared to the complicated combat mechanisms of mainstream turn-based games, “Kad Adventure Team” has greatly simplified the skills and operation dimensions. Players only have two buttons to operate in the battle, which are “switch group” and “Attack”, each round players can choose a group to attack (the group is also the target of attack), then where does the combat strategy come from?

In battle, the player has a “tactical pool” with Rouguelike characteristics. Each round, the three “click” groups will refresh the “tactics” with random gain attributes. At the same time, enemy monsters will also give them what they should. Early warning of actions (attack skills, defense, daze, etc.).

Players need to comprehensively analyze the situation of the enemy and us to make appropriate tactical choices, and choose the most appropriate group of tactics to launch the attack. For example, the enemy selects attack enhancement in the daze this round; when the enemy attack skills are prepared, select defense enhancement or stun or freeze control effects to avoid damage. ; The enemy chooses defensive tactics and so on when defending.

In addition, if you have acquired the “Tianjin” skill in the level exploration before, you need to consider the skill characteristics and release timing again.

In the early stage of the game, it may be to avoid too difficult “persuade” new players, the strategy contained in the battle is limited, but as the game deepens, if there is not enough strategic considerations, it is difficult to clear the level when facing powerful BOSS . In addition, based on the tactical random refresh setting, sometimes luck will also control the trend of the battle, but this also reflects the game’s Rouguelike fun.

Officials who fail to pass the level also give correct combat guidelines to help players find the cause of defeat.

Not only the combat system has the shadow of strategic RPG. In addition to breakthrough, the common systems of RPG games such as seal points (passive skills), equipment, gems, and proficiency are also sources of long-term fun for players.


Perhaps it is the insight that the “placement” gameplay has continued to be hot all over the world in recent years. “Kad Adventure” has also added it to the game. The small levels that have been cleared in the battle map will refresh the treasure chest at a fixed time. Players can A lot of resources provided by the gameplay are placed through the “one-click treasure hunt” button “white 嫖”.


Obviously, “Kad Adventure” is a pot of potpourri in terms of gameplay, but it is surprising that it integrates all kinds of fragmented category elements and finds the balance among them. There is not much Sudden sense.

But it is also because the gameplay elements are too balanced that they lack a real focus. In the actual experience of GameRes, there is always a feeling of being unclear, fun and fun, but there seems to be a lack of persistence. power. In addition, the long initial “no brain” breakthrough process also makes it difficult to quickly release the game’s tactics, which may make some hardcore players abandon the game prematurely.

But fortunately, after all, “Kad Adventure” is still in the test period, and the research and development team is aware of many problems with the game. For example, it was stated on TapTap: “Many players also commented on” Kad Explorer ” There are doubts about which part to focus on, whether it is Roguelike, development, or DBG. In fact, good games can be integrated. Some things in this test are not what we expected, and some were found to be wrong after testing. But overall, Roguelike is a very, very important part of the fun of the game, and our main purpose is to play well and make money, so in the future, we will focus more on the fun and experience of single-game games. “

In general, GameRes believes that “Kacha Adventure Team” is still a new product with potential. It is believed that the quality of the later tests will be improved, which may provide a way for Feiyu ’s “Renaissance Road”. Small boost.


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