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Is it shady to crush the Internet celebrities with 11 videos? No, because he is Andy Lau

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Today, there are 11 videos in 20 days, 120 million likes and 55.69 million fans on a single platform. When you hear this series of numbers, you will be dumbfounded, but when you hear this again, it is Andy Lau. You will feel that this is justified.

That’s right, this is the top Chinese Andy Lau who has been popular for 40 years.

In this era of popularity of Internet celebrities, he is the star of celebrities. Jia Ling squeezed the crowd to grab the top spot. Zeng Zhiwei sent a video to welcome, and the stars supported him. He seemed to shine with dazzling brilliance.

20.66 million people played for Andy Lau, making Andy Lau the first place in the love DOU list, and at the same time four times the second place.

On the basis of these, the bright star, who was supposed to be aloof, finally let us ordinary people see that real intimacy after entering the platform.

In a recent video, Andy Lau showed his naughty side. Like ordinary people, he puts health, courage, spirit and auspiciousness in his bag for good luck. This was originally an ordinary theme, but in Hua Tsai’s cute and gentle smile, it seemed that the phone screen was filled with candy.

It was this simple blessing video, and the number of likes reached 2.73 million.

This can’t help but make people think about what is the reason that Andy Lau can have such a big influence, making him from Hong Kong to the mainland, from the 1980s to the 1920s. It wasn’t until I gradually understood Andy Lau’s experience that I suddenly realized that it is difficult for a person like him to think about it.

He comes from a very ordinary family in Hong Kong. Before he started in the acting industry, he even dreamed of becoming a hairdresser. But in an opportunity, he became interested in acting, but in that era, it wasn’t your interest to succeed. After that, Andy Lau also worked very hard and finally got the opportunity to star in “Goodbye Jiang Hu”, but the road to fame was so easy, this time Andy Lau failed.

With his enthusiasm for the movie, he used his patience to survive a long-term career, and used his unyielding character to give a new opportunity to “Running into the Angry Sea”. This time Andy Lau finally succeeded, 15 million. The Hong Kong dollar was definitely a symbol that superstars deserved to own in Hong Kong at that time.

The twists and turns of the film career did not make Andy Lau’s career smoother, but made his career even more unlucky, so Andy Lau met his Bole Lin Zixiang, Lin Zixiang said to him: “You might as well try to sing. .”

It was this sentence that made Andy Lau embarked on the road of singing, and Andy Lau was also ups and downs in the field of singing. The first album “I only know that I love you at this moment” made Andy Lau scream constantly, and the second album “The Emotional Forbidden Zone “Still sinking into the ocean. In this way, Andy Lau dormant for another three years, and finally became famous in two works, “Maybe” and “Ice Rain”.

Sure enough, it is not accidental that a person can be popular for a lifetime. In fact, Andy Lau has only been regarded as an average level in the field of acting and singing over the years, but at such an average level, he has won countless numbers throughout China. What is the reason for the fans’ love?

Because looking at the entire entertainment industry, Andy Lau’s character is absolutely outstanding.

Zhang Weijian once said this from the bottom of his heart in a speech. The general content was: “I am going bankrupt, can you help me through this catastrophe and I have no money to pay for the loan.” Andy Lau said nothing, and directly wrote a check to Zhang Weijian. In adversity, see the true love, and see the hearts of the people over time, and this boss is Andy Lau.

Now Andy Lau has brought us “The Crowd” again. What has changed is time, and what remains unchanged is the dedicated Huazi, the Huazi who regards acting as his life. In a scene in the play, Huazi was violently beaten on the ground by a group of people. The stick was hit on her body like raindrops. The bruises and bloodstains revealed the difficulty of this movie. It was just such a clip, which was taken 8 times, and Andy Lau was dissatisfied every time. He hoped for better results. How could such a dedicated Huazi not be liked.

The same scene also included the scene where Xiao Yang slapped Andy Lau. This seemingly simple performance was actually a real hit. Xiao Yang who was too deep in the play slapped Andy Lau on the ground. This shot was taken twice.

Such handsome, good character, dedicated and full of love for life Andy Lau is a classic in our hearts. I don’t know whether this explanation can answer the question “Why Andy Lau has been on fire for so long?”

In this era when traffic is king, celebrities and Internet celebrities use various methods to strive for traffic on this road. But this era still needs stars like Andy Lau. He has no hype, no person design, no hot search, and some just his own sincerity from the heart.



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